Porn Land (Paperback)

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That's right. Porn stars are criminals, pornographic websites are being systematically destroyed, and not even softcore or selfies are okay. And that's just in our world. It's literally destroying the magick city of sexual expression-PORN LAND

Phil and Zed, arriving through magickal means and ill-equipped for adventure, must travel through the erotic metropolis and gather pieces of THE PORNOMICRON-a sexual spell-book that bridges our worlds. And it won't be easy. They'll have to get past a giant geisha and her samurai army, a determined detective who's after their asses, a badass dominatrix and her gang, a bunch more sexy people, a bunch of unsexy people... And even more things that will freak you out and make you horny-like a sperm monster and ambulance sex. Will Phil and Zed put the book together, save Porn Land and their new friends, and make pornography legal in our world again? (Yes. It'd be a stupid story if they didn't. But it's how they do it that you'll want to read about.)

It's a story about sucking, and not sucking. It's got hardcore sex and a hardcore message. It's ridiculous and you'll wanna rub one out to it. It's freakin' PORN LAND, BABY

Product Details
ISBN: 9781739792329
ISBN-10: 1739792327
Publisher: Planet Bizarro
Publication Date: April 11th, 2022
Pages: 218
Language: English