Fundamental Analysis for Beginners: Grow Your Investment Portfolio Like A Pro Using Financial Statements and Ratios of Any Business with Zero Investin (Hardcover)

Fundamental Analysis for Beginners: Grow Your Investment Portfolio Like A Pro Using Financial Statements and Ratios of Any Business with Zero Investin By A. Z. Penn Cover Image
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Stocks go up Stocks go down The stock market looks as if it's just a big show. But how would you like to be able to know what a stock's really worth - and make money by buying it at a discount?

Learn how to analyze a company's financial reports and business, and you can make great returns by buying stocks below their true value. That's the way Warren Buffett made his $96.3 billion. It's the way Peter Lynch took the Fidelity Magellan fund from zero to hero - making a 29 percent annual return and increasing the value of each $1,000 invested in the fund on day one to $28,000 when he retired.

  • Tiffany James started with a single investment in Tesla back in 2019. She built her initial investment into a $2m portfolio and now runs online community Modern Blk Girl.
  • Ishfaq Peerally is an investor from Mauritius who is one of the top value investors on eToro. He's turned $10,000 in September 2016 into $83,000 by April 2022

They've vastly increased their wealth by investing in stocks. And you could join them

But a lot of beginning investors lose money time after time, because there are 6 basic skills they haven't acquired:

1. They don't know how to read a company's financial statements;

2. they don't know how to assess a company's value;

3. they don't know how to calculate basic ratios to assess the health of the business;

4. they don't know how to set a target buy price for a stock;

5. they don't know how to check whether the CEO is telling the whole truth;

6. they don't have the discipline and patience to do the research, or to wait for the stock to perform.

This book will make sure that you acquire the skills you need. Here is just a fraction of the detailed advice you can expect in this book;

  • How to spot the kind of stocks that made Warren Buffett nearly $100 billion - Page 138
  • The 10 misconceptions most beginners have about fundamental analysis - Page 18
  • What do professional analyst mean by looking "underneath the skin" - Page 89
  • If I told you a business had a P/E ratio of 28, would it be overvalued or undervalued? Learn more on page 156
  • The untold truth on why reading "back to front" is so important- Page 33
  • What caused these 6 reliable companies to go bust - Page 137
  • Why this is the only time you should ask your friends for advice - Page 56
  • When does Americas top investor Peter Lynch thinks a good growth company should be sold? Read more on page 123
  • How you could easily spot red flags of a company's management - Page 152
  • The best places you should check to view other analyst expectations - Page 38
  • If I promise to pay you $161 in five years' time, what is that promise worth right now? Find out on page 171

...and much, much more.

Plus on Page 7, you'll also get our free bonus video masterclass; Company Valuation Simplified Masterclass.

This is not a dense 600 page theoretical textbook. It's written in plain English and free from repetitive technical jargon. You'll find easy-to-follow advice, plus concrete examples of everything we teach.

So even if you've never read a single investment book in your life, this book on its own will give you all the basics that you need to understand to become a successful investor in stocks.

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ISBN: 9781739925031
ISBN-10: 1739925033
Publisher: A.Z Penn
Publication Date: September 15th, 2022
Pages: 272
Language: English