Martin Luther: Reformation Fire (Trail Blazers) (Paperback)

Martin Luther: Reformation Fire (Trail Blazers) By Catherine MacKenzie Cover Image


What made an ordinary monk become a catalyst for the Reformation in Europe in the 1500s? What were the reasons lying behind his nailing of 95 theses against the practice of indulgences to the door of the Schlosskirche in Wittenberg in 1517? Why was Martin Luther's life in danger? How did his apparent kidnapping result in the first ever New Testament translated into the German language? Discover how a fresh understanding of the Scriptures not only transformed his own life but had a huge impact upon Europe.

About the Author

Catherine MacKenzie comes from Scotland and has written several biographies for young teens in the Trailblazers series as well as other titles for younger children. She is Editor for Christian Focus' children's imprint, CF4Kids.
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ISBN: 9781781915219
ISBN-10: 1781915210
Publisher: CF4kids
Publication Date: July 20th, 2016
Pages: 160
Language: English
Series: Trail Blazers