Hercules the Bear: A Gentle Giant in the Family (Hardcover)

Hercules the Bear: A Gentle Giant in the Family By Maggie Robin Cover Image


When Scottish Ladies Show-Jumping Champion Maggie Nimmo married British Commonwealth Wrestling Champion Andy Robin, she knew that her family would be unusual, for with Andy came a nine-month old grizzly bear. Maggie Robin, Hercules’s adopted mother, started writing this account of her family while in the depths of despair, during those long hours when her "son" Herc was lost, apparently gone forever, in the wild and unforgiving terrain of the island of Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides. This new and completely revised edition brings the story up to date, telling of the bear’s many appearances in advertisements, films, and on television until, once again, disaster struck, when he was nearly crippled by damage to his spine. Maggie’s account relates how she and Andy slowly nursed Hercules back to health, partly through swimming exercises until, in the fullness of time, he died at the age of 25. His death left the Robins bereft, but in time they came to realize just how much Hercules had taught them and others, and the debt they owed him. Told in Maggie’s own words, this is the extraordinary story of how she and Andy achieved what everyone said was impossible: the domestication of "the fiercest animal in the New World." Maggie, Andy, and Herc proved the experts wrong, and in doing so have become folk heroes in their own time. Here is their story.

About the Author

Maggie Robin is a former Scottish Ladies Show-Jumping Champion who, together with her husband, British Commonwealth Wrestling Champion Andy Robin, raised a grizzly bear cub named Hercules as part of her family.
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ISBN: 9781784188153
ISBN-10: 1784188158
Publisher: Metro Books
Publication Date: May 1st, 2016
Pages: 256
Language: English