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In March All Grays Open (Paperback)

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As his Seventeenth year nears its end, David eagerly awaits his life in a society that does not grant legal living status until one turns Eighteen. Despite struggling with the Empirical Scholastic Exam, or ESE, David’s worries are still less than other Potentials who do not share his wealthy economic class. Following the aftermath of this year’s February Closing, the event in which impoverished carriers may choose to contrate (euthanize) a Potential whom fails the ESE, David then begins to reexamine his beliefs about life.

During the night of the February Closing, a selected group of Potentials defy all odds and escape their fated contrations, but their trials are far from over as they must now hold fast to survival in their evasion of the Contration Department and its Chief, Salvador Goode. Consequently, this unfolding event soon captures the entire country's attention, challenging David and its citizens to wrestle with the institutions they have known for so long. Ready the mind and the heart as this novel invites the reader along in search of clarity, answers, and closure from this suspicious society.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781792661624
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 21st, 2019