Why God?: Answers to the World's Top Questions about God (Paperback)

Why God?: Answers to the World's Top Questions about God By Eric Klein Cover Image
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If you died today, can you say with 100% certainty that you would go to heaven? If your answer is anything but a resounding "yes," then reading this book would absolutely benefit you. Human beings are capable of many things, some good and some bad. We are the only living being on the face of this earth with "free will." Who we love, spend time with, how we treat others, the list can go on for pages. Why God? cuts right to the thick of what the world is asking about God. If you have ever asked question about God that started with the word, "Why?" - this book is for you Starting with a very popular question, Are you there, God? Every chapter thereafter will tie into the preceding one before. The book answers some of the most popular questions, such as: -Who Is Jesus? -Why does God allow suffering? -Is Heaven for real?-Would God really send me to hell?-The End Times, what you need to know (including the plagues that are included)-It also includes a play by play of what the bible is truly about (and what it's not)-It will discuss topics such as "Forgiveness, Mercy, Salvation, Love," and more -Also, a real testimony from a woman who felt as though she had been to hell and back- - and as an added bonus... the author's personal testimony.
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ISBN: 9781793446176
ISBN-10: 1793446172
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 8th, 2019
Pages: 212
Language: English