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Where the Money Is: Value Investing in the Digital Age (Compact Disc)

Where the Money Is: Value Investing in the Digital Age By Adam Seessel, Gibson Frazier (Read by) Cover Image


From successful investor and contributor to Barron's and Fortune comes a once-in-a-lifetime book that gives modern investors what they need most: a fresh, value-based guide to successfully making money in a stock market now dominated by tech stocks.The economy today is undergoing the most technologically driven evolution since Henry Ford introduced the assembly line. A little over ten years ago, only two of the ten most valuable publicly traded companies in the world were digital enterprises. In 2021, they comprise seven of the top ten. Investors around the world are struggling to understand what's happening in the digital economy and wondering how to profit from it in the stock market. Even Warren Buffett, widely considered the most successful investor of all time, has stumbled in this new landscape; his portfolio has trailed the market averages over the last ten years. Author Adam Seessel understands, as several years ago he too watched his old-school portfolio, built upon generations of traditional value investing principles, continue to decline while the market advanced. Determined to reverse course, he set off in search of a new value investment paradigm--one that reflected how technological change is radically reshaping the economy. Now, in Where the Money Is, Seessel shares his discoveries and introduces his refreshed value-based framework that any investor--professional or amateur--can use to beat the modern market. Like all industries, the digital economy follows certain rules, and Seessel shows us how to use evolved tactics that incorporate these rules and profit accordingly. By approaching tech this way, the economy's current upheaval and the rapid rise of tech stocks are not reasons to be frightened or disoriented--they're reasons to be excited. The world is changing, and we can profit from it. All we need is our own experience and a revised understanding of what makes a business valuable. Infused with the same kind of optimism and common sense that inspired Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor and Peter Lynch's One Up on Wall Street, Where the Money Is ushers in a new era of modern value investing.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781797142074
ISBN-10: 1797142070
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Publication Date: May 24th, 2022
Language: English