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Tantric Sex: The Ultimate Guide to Positions for Beginners and Advanced Couples. Transform Your Life with Sexual Techniques and Sec (Paperback)


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Tantric Sex: The Ultimate Guide to Positions for Beginners and Advanced Couples. Transform Your Life with Sexual Techniques and Sec Cover Image
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Areyou looking for a guide to start practicing tantric sex? Then keep reading...

A typical fantasy sex scene is conjured up in the mind. The setting is perfect; soft lighting, light aromas. A man may be muscle-bound, physically strong, tall and handsome, incredibly romantic, and a woman may be aesthetically beautiful, slim with perky breasts, smooth skin, and soft hair, wet and waiting. The sex itself is spontaneous and powerful. He bursts through the door and she is waiting for him in nothing but one of his work shirts. He gingerly picks her up by the waist and she wraps her legs around him as he carries her to the bedroom to make love to her for hours, but they are so impassioned that they don't make it -- and wind up ripping into each other on the staircase on the way up.

A typical run-of-the-mill sex scenario between a long-term married couple may be that one partner is stressed from a long day at work and wants to get some sexual release before heading to bed, while the other would rather just read their book in peace, go to sleep unbothered and worry about sex some other time when they are in the mood. In order to avoid conflict and disappointment, one partner gives in to the others desires and the same old sex takes place in the same old bed underneath the same old covers in the same old boring positions; eyes closed and lights off... boring

When sex becomes too boring and too routine, rather than being aroused and looking forward to pleasing and being pleased, people "give up". They wonder how much longer they have to engage in foreplay before it is okay to get to the orgasm. Sometimes people also take issues from outside the bedroom into it, maybe thinking "I'm still mad at him/her from earlier, why on Earth would I give sexual pleasure right now"? Sometimes other insecurities and issues can come into play as well. Maybe there is a problem with premature ejaculation so the other partner rarely reaches their peak, and the focus is just on "getting the job done" so they can move on to other more interesting and engaging activities (like sleep) Either way, if the sex exists at all, it is brief, goal (orgasm) oriented and is over as quickly as possible. You will find some of the tips on Tantric Sex in the chapters of this book that include:

  • Understanding what tantric philosophy is
  • Meaning of love and sex for Tantra philosophy - intimacy
  • Divine sex in Hinduism
  • Advantages and differences with traditional sex
  • How best to prepare your mind and body for tantric sex using techniques for foreplay, massage, and masturbation
  • Tantra exercises and massages for sexual fulfillment of couples
  • Emotional and cultural consent: what it is and why it matters
  • Reaching ecstasy and the importance of orgasm
  • Desires
  • Positions And Techniques
  • Improve Tantric Sex With These Tips
  • Considerations and facts about tantric sex you should know about

As there is no goal of orgasm, there is no pressure or pushing to reach the end of the session -- only the goal of creating intensity and pleasure together.

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ISBN: 9781801206518
ISBN-10: 1801206511
Publisher: Marco Liberatori
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2020
Pages: 102
Language: English