The House Lurcher (Paperback)

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For those who would share their lives with the graceful, intelligent lurcher, there was until this book was published little information on how to cope with that mysterious sighthound temperament in a domestic environment. As a result of many training enquiries received over the years, Jackie Drakeford has written The House lurcher for owners of pet lurchers and domestic greyhounds.

Through the book, the reader will learn how to live happily with their lurcher at home and in public. In particular, they will learn to establish a sound recall so that their lurcher can be exercised with confidence off the lead. All aspects of owning and training lurchers are covered in detail, with special attention given to those coming in from rescue homes.

About the Author

Jackie Drakeford is a widely-respected author of dog-care titles, and she writes for a number of countryside publications. She is a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor and Behaviourist and and is also a founding member of GEM Ferret Care Group. She lives in Sussex, England.
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ISBN: 9781846893117
ISBN-10: 1846893119
Publisher: Quiller
Publication Date: June 6th, 2019
Pages: 258
Language: English