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Math Riddles For Smart Kids: Over 400 Challenging Math Riddles, Trick Questions And Brain Teasers That Kids And Family Will Love To Solve (Paperback)


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Math Riddles For Smart Kids: Over 400 Challenging Math Riddles, Trick Questions And Brain Teasers That Kids And Family Will Love To Solve Cover Image


Are you looking for difficult math riddles and brain teasers ?

Math riddles are short word puzzles that involve mathematical concepts. These riddles typically encourage the application of pattern recognition, logical thinking, and problem solving in order to reach the answers. Sometimes they may require a series of calculations to derive the right answer. They cover a wide range of different topics and lessons depending on the age group the riddles are made for and the difficulty level of the riddles. Some math riddles only require addition with single numbers to solve, while others may involve the use of calculus principles. Since this book contains riddles geared towards children between the ages of 8-11, the range of math topics has been simplified to only include the relevant lessons. The primary math concepts the riddles in this book deal with are arithmetic, times tables, factors, completing patterns, and unit conversions. This variety will keep children engaged while not overwhelming them with difficult concepts they may not have encountered yet in the classroom.

This book covers the following topics:

  • Simple math riddles
  • Easy math riddles
  • Intermediate math riddles
  • Hard level riddles
  • Challenging math riddles
  • For fun riddles

...And much more

Math can be quite a challenging subject for many students and teaching through puzzles and riddles helps children overcome these learning problems in a fun and productive way. In fact, math can be so complex sometimes that many students choose to give up learning this essential subject that is the basis for other sciences.

Math riddles follow a popular current trend in education known as gamification which seeks to mix learning and fun. If students are having fun while they learn, they will be more motivated to tackle harder subjects and advance their own learning. Even children who are already adept in a subject can benefit from gamification, as it ensures they will not grow bored with the subject and they are always challenging themselves to improve.

The challenge of solving riddles and the sense of pride children get from working hard to get a riddle right plays directly into this trend to turn math into a game. Math riddles really work to get your child engaged and personally invested in their own education because they make learning fun. The different difficulties serve as 'levels' for your child to test their knowledge and expand into a better understanding of new concepts. When learning and playing are combined, your child will begin to see their education as something they want to actively participate in rather than something they passively learn in a classroom.

Math riddles that make math exciting and engaging can teach kids the value of learning. They mix up the tired formula of worksheets while showing kids how they can apply math to their daily lives in unique ways. Letting kids figure out the answers to these puzzles teaches them problem solving skills that they can apply to all areas of life. It also allows them to feel the joy that comes with working hard on something and coming up with the correct solution. Providing gentle guidance towards the correct answer when your child is uncertain shows them that you are willing to take an active role in encouraging and supporting their education. Math riddles teach critical skills while encouraging cooperation and engagement from the whole family.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781914091087
ISBN-10: 1914091086
Publisher: Miranda Stewart
Publication Date: November 5th, 2020
Pages: 134
Language: English