Design Dissected: Is the Design Real? (Paperback)

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An in-depth, yet fully accessible, look at the evidence for design in living things. This intriguing and informative blend of real clinical cases and entertaining prose is a superb resource for combatting evolutionary arguments, whilst retaining the ability to provide enjoyment to the reader. Written with both prodigious scientific skill and an original narrative voice, 'Design Dissected' will provide a hurdle to any evolutionist who reads it. This book provides a clinician's perspective on the evidence for design in living things. Specific scenarios are dissected from examples of real cases in clinical medicine and surgery, as well as descriptions of some of the amazing integrated systems that exist in human physiology. This combination of sound information and fascinating anecdote makes this not only highly commendable for those with a background in science, but for anyone who enjoys considering 'the mystery of how living things came to be'. Read about the history of science and how in the past scientific truth has been ridiculed before being widely accepted, and about the danger in assuming that science is able to answer every ultimate question. Consider the astonishing complexity of biological systems that must be an indication of genuine design and foresight. And what about the considerable measure of blind faith it takes to believe that consciousness, and higher mental properties such as memory and emotion, randomly emerged?

About the Author

Professor David Galloway MB ChB MD DSc, is a surgeon based in the West of Scotland. An alumnus of the University of Glasgow, he graduated in medicine in 1977. His clinical training involved working in hospitals in Glasgow, London and New York City. His postgraduate academic work was focused on cancer research and in particular investigated aspects of cell division and the way in which it can be influenced by various environmental and dietary factors. He developed an academic surgical practice in Glasgow focusing on surgical oncology and metabolic surgery. Since 2014 he has provided intermittent surgical support to Chitokoloki, a Christian Mission Hospital in rural Zambia and now holds registration with the Health Professions Council of Zambia. In 2015 he was elected to the role of President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow a post he held until December 2018. He is married to Christine and they have two daughters and three grandchildren. He is a keen golfer and an avid reader of popular science, philosophy of science and religion, and current affairs. He is also in demand as a speaker on aspects of Christianity and apologetics.
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ISBN: 9781914273001
ISBN-10: 1914273001
Publisher: John Ritchie Ltd
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2021
Pages: 224
Language: English