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Thermodynamics and Exergy Analysis for Engineers (Chemical Engineering) (Paperback)

Thermodynamics and Exergy Analysis for Engineers (Chemical Engineering) By Rajinder Pal Cover Image
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This book consists of eighteen chapters. Chapter one presents introductory concepts and definitions along with a brief discussion of historical development of thermodynamics. Chapters two and three cover the first law of thermodynamics. Chapter two is devoted to the first law for control mass or closed systems and Chapter three is devoted to the first law for control volume or open (flow) systems. The second law of thermodynamics for closed systems is presented in Chapter four. Chapter five is devoted to the second law for open systems with applications. Thermodynamics of compressible and incompressible flows in ducts and pipes is covered in depth in Chapter six. Chapter seven is devoted to estimation of volumetric and thermodynamic properties of fluids. Chapters eight to ten provide in-depth coverage of power cycles, internal combustion engines, and refrigeration cycles. Chapters eleven and twelve are devoted to vapor-liquid phase equilibrium of ideal and non-ideal systems. Chapter thirteen provides in-depth coverage of chemical reaction equilibrium. Work and entropy analysis of closed and open systems is presented along with the Gouy-Stodola theorem in Chapter fourteen. Due to the importance of exergy and exergy analysis in many practical applications, the last four chapters (Chapters fifteen to eighteen) are fully devoted to this topic. The available textbooks in thermodynamics rarely provide satisfactory coverage of exergy and exergy analysis of processes.

Each chapter begins with the student learning outcomes. Near the end of each chapter, a tutorial session is included where a number of problems are solved to illustrate the applications of concepts and theory covered in the chapter. Notation is included separately in each chapter. For the benefit of students, practice problems are included at the end of each chapter.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781922617255
ISBN-10: 1922617253
Publisher: Central West Publishing
Publication Date: March 15th, 2022
Pages: 672
Language: English
Series: Chemical Engineering