The Amado Women (Paperback)

The Amado Women By Désirée Zamorano Cover Image
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Four women, connected by birth, separated by secrets.

Southern California is ground zero for upwardly mobile middle-class Latinas. Matriarchs like Mercy Amado--despite her drunken, philandering (now ex-) husband--could raise three daughters and become a teacher. Now she watches helplessly as her daughters drift apart as Adults. The Latino bonds of familia don't seem to hold. Celeste, the oldest daughter who won't speak to the youngest, is fiercely intelligent and proud. She has fled the uncertainty of her growing up in Los Angeles, California, to seek financial independence in San Jose. Her sisters did the same thing but very differently. Sylvia married a rich but abusive Anglo, and, to hide away, she immersed herself in the suburbia of her two young daughters. And Nataly, the baby, went very hip into the free-spirited Latino art world, working on her textile creations during the day and waiting on tables in an upscale restaurant by night. Everything they know comes crashing down in a random tragic moment and Mercy must somehow make what was broken whole again.

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ISBN: 9781935955733
ISBN-10: 193595573X
Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press
Publication Date: July 1st, 2014
Pages: 240
Language: English