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The Thomas Jay Oord Sampler (Paperback)

The Thomas Jay Oord Sampler By Thomas Jay Oord Cover Image
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Thomas Jay Oord is changing the landscape of theology and spirituality.

In popular and academic books, Oord addresses the biggest questions we ask. Using philosophy, science, scripture, experience, and more, he offers plausible answers. Sometimes what he says shocks or jars readers; new ideas can have that effect. But many people are finding Oord's work makes better sense of God and life than alternatives.

SacraSage Press offers this collection of sample chapters from Oord's best-selling books. These include God Can't, Open and Relational Theology, The Uncontrolling Love of God, Pluriform Love, and Questions and Answers for God Can't.

Read statements like...

"God can't prevent evil singlehandedly."

"Love is the central theme of scripture, although some passages oppose love."

"Creatio ex nihilo is not biblically justified and makes solving the problem of evil impossible."

"God can't control anyone or anything, because God loves everyone and everything."

"Prayer makes a difference, but it doesn't enable God to control."

"We can't worship a wholly mysterious God, because we'd never know who the Devil he may be."

"The God who causes or allows evil is unworthy of worship."

"Jesus' uncontrolling love reveals God's love as uncontrolling."

"When it comes to God, we can't be certain, but we aren't clueless."

"Love's meaning is uniform, but its expressions are pluriform."

"If God foreknows everything, creaturely freedom, love, and randomness are myths."

"God is neither omnipotent nor impotent but amipotent."

"God's relentless love sends no one to hell but invites everyone to loving relationship."

Taste what makes Thomas Jay Oord's ideas delectable.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781948609661
ISBN-10: 1948609665
Publisher: Sacrasage Press
Publication Date: July 1st, 2022
Pages: 226
Language: English