The Second in the World to Sail the Globe: Sir Francis Drake (Hardcover)

The Second in the World to Sail the Globe: Sir Francis Drake By Farren Phillips Cover Image
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An engaging illustrated biography about Sir Francis Drake: famous explorer, feared pirate, and the second person to ever sail around the world.

Sir Francis Drake may not have been the first person to sail around the globe, but he still made history as the second. Along the way, he stole a lot of treasure, lost a few ships in battle and bad weather, and made an enemy of King Phillip II of Spain. Learn all about the life and exploits of this 16th century privateer and explorer in this exciting book packed full of fun facts, vibrant illustrations, and interactive activities.

About the Author

Farren Phillips is an author and illustrator from the UK. She creates a range of wacky and funny books for children with deeper educational themes. From philosophy to funny jokes, Farren's work is always packed full of fun for an entertaining reading experience for both parents and children.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781953458346
ISBN-10: 1953458343
Publisher: Yeehoo Press
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Pages: 48
Language: English