101 Blues Riffs &Solos in Open D Guitar Tuning: Essential Lessons for Open D (DADF#AD) Guitar Tuning (Paperback)

101 Blues Riffs &Solos in Open D Guitar Tuning: Essential Lessons for Open D (DADF#AD) Guitar Tuning By Brent Robitaille Cover Image
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Master the Blues in Open D Guitar Tuning

  • Essential Lessons in Open D Guitar
  • Slide, Fingerstyle and Picking Riff and Solos
  • Traditional, Delta, Rock, Funk and Jazz Blues
  • Extensive Scale, Chord, and Arpeggio Charts
  • A Complete Course for Open D (DADF#AD)
  • Audio Tracks Online

Take your Open D guitar playing to the next level with 101 Blues Riffs & Solos in Open D Guitar Tuning. The most complete instructional book ever written exclusively for DADF#AD tuning. This book is great for beginners and excellent for intermediate and advanced guitarists looking to enrich their creative, open tuning knowledge.

A complete course on its own, the book covers a wide range of essential lessons to play blues in multiple styles, including traditional, Delta, rock, funk and jazz blues. Begin by studying the 40 stylistic riffs in several keys, then move on to the 25 practical one and two bar riffs. Next, you can learn the rhythm guitar riffs, the fingerstyle patterns, and finish with the longer riffs and solos.

Using a combination of slide, fingerstyle and pick playing, you will cover all the bases needed to develop a solid technique in open D guitar. The extensive scale charts show the blues, major, minor, modal and pentatonic scales with useful diagrams. Chords and arpeggios are also covered with the essential blues chords and variations on blues chord progressions presented in all keys.

If you want to explore the world of open D, then you are in the right place. Everything you need to master the blues with essential lessons for DADF#AD guitar tuning

Audio tracks are available on the author's website: brentrobitaille.com

185 pages. -

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ISBN: 9781990144035
ISBN-10: 1990144039
Publisher: Kalymi Music
Publication Date: January 11th, 2021
Pages: 188
Language: English