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Pattern Recognition: 40th German Conference, Gcpr 2018, Stuttgart, Germany, October 9-12, 2018, Proceedings (Paperback)


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Pattern Recognition: 40th German Conference, Gcpr 2018, Stuttgart, Germany, October 9-12, 2018, Proceedings Cover Image
By Thomas Brox (Editor), Andrés Bruhn (Editor), Mario Fritz (Editor)
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Topology-Based 3D Reconstruction of Mid-level Primitives in Man-Made Environments.- Associative Deep Clustering: Training a Classification Network with No Labels.- A Table Tennis Robot System Using An Industrial KUKA Robot Arm.- View-Aware Person Re-Identification.- MC2SLAM: Real-Time Inertial Lidar Odometry Using Two-Scan Motion Compensation.- An Analysis by Synthesis Approach for Automatic Vertebral Shape Identification in Clinical QCT.- Parcel Tracking in Large Camera Networks.- Segmentation of Head and Neck Organs at Risk Using CNN with Batch Dice Loss.- Detection of Mechanical Damages in Sawn Timber Using Convolutional Neural Networks.- Compressed-Domain Video Object Tracking Using Markov Random Fields with Graph Cuts Optimization.- Metric-Driven Learning of Correspondence Weighting for 2-D/3-D Image Registration.- Multi-view X-ray R-CNN.- Ex Paucis Plura: Learning Accordance Segmentation from Very Few Examples.- Domain Generalization with Domain-Specific Aggregation Modules.- X-GAN: Improving Generative Adversarial Networks with ConveX Combinations.- A Randomized Gradient-free Attack to ReLU Networks .- Cross and Learn: Cross-Modal Self-Supervision .- KS(conf): A Light-Weight Test if A ConvNet Operates Outside of Its Specifications.- Sublabel-accurate Convex Relaxation with Total Generalized Variation Regularization.- On the Integration of Optical Flow and Action Recognition.- Context-driven Multi-stream LSTM (M-LSTM) for Recognizing Fine-Grained Activity of Drivers.- 3D Fluid Flow Estimation with Integrated Particle Reconstruction.- NRST: Non-rigid Surface Tracking from Monocular Video.- Counting the Uncountable: Deep Semantic Density Estimation from Space .- Acquire, Augment, Segment and Enjoy: Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation of Supermarket Products.- Vehicle Re-Identification in Context.- Low-Shot Learning of Plankton Categories.- Multimodal Dense Stereo Matching.- Deep Distance Transform to Segment Visually Indistinguishable Merged Objects.- Multi-class Cell Segmentation Using CNNs with F1-measure Loss Function.- Improved Semantic Stixels Via Multimodal Sensor Fusion.- Convolve, Attend and Spell: An Attention-based Sequence-to-Sequence Model for Handwritten Word Recognition.- Illumination Estimation Is Sufficient for Indoor-Outdoor Image Classification.- DeepKey: Towards End-to-End Physical Key Replication from a Single Photograph.- Deriving Neural Network Architectures Using Precision Learning: Parallel-to-fan Beam Conversion.- Detecting Face Morphing Attacks by Analyzing the Directed Distances of Facial Landmarks Shifts.- KloudNet: Deep Learning for Sky Image Analysis and Irradiance Forecasting.- Learning Style Compatibility for Furniture.- Temporal Interpolation as An Unsupervised Pretraining Task for Optical Flow Estimation.- Decoupling Respiratory and Angular Variation in Rotational X-ray Scans Using a Prior Bilinear Model.- Inference, Learning and Attention Mechanisms that Exploit and Preserve Sparsity in CNNs.- End-to-end Learning of Deterministic Decision Trees.- Taming the Cross Entropy Loss.- Supervised Deep Kriging for Single-Image Super-Resolution.- Information-Theoretic Active Learning for Content-Based Image Retrieval.- AFSI: Adaptive Restart for Fast Semi-Iterative Schemes for Convex Optimization.- Invexity Preserving Transformations for Projection Free Optimization with Sparsity Inducing Non-Convex Constraints.- Unsupervised Label Learning on Manifolds by Spatially Regularized Geometric Assignment.
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ISBN: 9783030129385
ISBN-10: 3030129381
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: February 15th, 2019
Pages: 717
Language: English
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science