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Introduction to Riemannian Manifolds (Graduate Texts in Mathematics #176) (Paperback)

Introduction to Riemannian Manifolds (Graduate Texts in Mathematics #176) By John M. Lee Cover Image
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Thisbookisdesignedasatextbookforaone-quarterorone-semestergr- uate course on Riemannian geometry, for students who are familiar with topological and di?erentiable manifolds. It focuses on developing an in- mate acquaintance with the geometric meaning of curvature. In so doing, it introduces and demonstrates the uses of all the main technical tools needed for a careful study of Riemannian manifolds. I have selected a set of topics that can reasonably be covered in ten to ?fteen weeks, instead of making any attempt to provide an encyclopedic treatment of the subject. The book begins with a careful treatment of the machineryofmetrics, connections, andgeodesics, withoutwhichonecannot claim to be doing Riemannian geometry. It then introduces the Riemann curvature tensor, and quickly moves on to submanifold theory in order to give the curvature tensor a concrete quantitative interpretation. From then on, all e?orts are bent toward proving the four most fundamental theorems relating curvature and topology: the Gauss-Bonnet theorem (expressing thetotalcurvatureofasurfaceintermsofitstopologicaltype), theCartan- Hadamard theorem (restricting the topology of manifolds of nonpositive curvature), Bonnet's theorem (giving analogous restrictions on manifolds of strictly positive curvature), and a special case of the Cartan-Ambrose- Hicks theorem (characterizing manifolds of constant curvature). Many other results and techniques might reasonably claim a place in an introductory Riemannian geometry course, but could not be included due to time constraints.

About the Author

​John Jack M. Lee is a professor of mathematics at the University of Washington. Professor Lee is the author of three highly acclaimed Springer graduate textbooks: Introduction to Smooth Manifolds, (GTM 218) Introduction to Topological Manifolds (GTM 202), and Riemannian Manifolds (GTM 176). Lee's research interests include differential geometry, the Yamabe problem, existence of Einstein metrics, the constraint equations in general relativity, geometry and analysis on CR manifolds.
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ISBN: 9783030801069
ISBN-10: 3030801063
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: August 5th, 2021
Pages: 437
Language: English
Series: Graduate Texts in Mathematics