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Using Raku: 100 Programming Challenges Solved in the Raku Programming Language (Paperback)

Using Raku: 100 Programming Challenges Solved in the Raku Programming Language By Andrew Shitov Cover Image
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This book is a collection of different programming challenges and solutions in Raku. It can be used as an exercise book, when you are learning Raku, or as a reference book when you are teaching it.In this book, you will find 100 solutions of different common programming challenges that are written in Raku. Once you already know some of the basics of the language, it is a good idea to spend some time trying to do some exercises and the most popular tasks, which will vary from displaying the Hello, World greeting, to creating a parser for the command-line calculator.The seven chapters are divided into two parts, which cover the essential parts of the language; firstly, the strings, numbers, and aggregate data struc- tures, and secondly, of Raku in particular, namely, the new regexes, gram- mars, and parallel computing.Each of the 100 tasks presented in the book demonstrates the main idea of how to approach a problem; big chunks of code are avoided, as much as possible.However, you are invited not to limit yourself to the proposed solution, though. First, try other approaches for the initial task, and then, extend the task with additional conditions and solve it. Do as many exercises in Raku as possible, because it will make you more fluent in this great language.***When reading this book, you should keep in mind that Raku is the language formerly known as Perl 6. When this book was published, the renaming pro- cess was in the very early phase, thus you will still see a lot of references to the Perl-related websites. It may take a few years for Raku name to replace Perl 6 completely.
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ISBN: 9789082156881
ISBN-10: 9082156881
Publisher: Deeptext
Publication Date: October 13th, 2019
Pages: 188
Language: English