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Sadhana The Retaliation of Life is India's ancient heritage written by Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore. It is one of the profound books on spirituality and is highly recommended for spiritual wisdom. The book answers some profound questions like; why God created the world? Why devil exists? Does beauty has a purpose? Etc.He also describes mother nature and says if the earth does not pull us with the exact force we could have not been able to walk on earth. With this decision to understand the complexity of this effort and the effort required to solve the conditions that the world of work shows outside, there is a meditation session every day. This is not "Let me figure it out; Let me take it." Everything you do is running. There is a surge of energy through yourself as if you are being lifted up. You will be like if you raise the ground itself in a spiritual way, and flood it with power that is not on your side or on the side of the world, but in 'the whole part.Tagore gives beautiful answers to these questions with Sanskrit verses from the Upanishad and the teachings of Lord Buddha. It will keep you happy, joyful, and breathless. Sadhana is one of those books which needs to be read slowly because every sentence contains an immense amount of knowledge.
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ISBN: 9789356567337
ISBN-10: 9356567336
Publisher: Double 9 Booksllp
Publication Date: April 22nd, 2022
Pages: 88
Language: English