The Golden Road (Paperback)

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L. M. Montgomery is a Canadian author best known for her 1913 book The Golden Road. Beverley, a character in the story, recalls his younger years with his brother Felix and his cousins Felicity, Cecily, Dan, Sara Stanley (the "Story Girl"), hired kid Peter, and neighbor Sara Ray as well as friends and friends from their families. The kids had numerous adventures while playing in their family's orchard and even started their own newspaper, named Our Magazine. This book features more character development than its predecessor did, and the reader can watch the kids mature, especially as Sara Stanley leaves the Golden Road of youth for good. They can also see the beginnings of Peter and Felicity's relationship as their chemistry grows. It also appears that Beverley and Sara Stanley are attracted to one another, but this is left unexplored. Beverley also makes a strong suggestion that Peter and Felicity will wed. After Sara's father picks her up to give her a proper education, the story comes to an end, and their small group is never again whole.
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ISBN: 9789357480994
ISBN-10: 9357480994
Publisher: Double 9 Books
Publication Date: January 1st, 2023
Pages: 222
Language: English