Social Issues in Sustainable Fisheries Management (Mare Publication #9) (Paperback)

Social Issues in Sustainable Fisheries Management (Mare Publication #9) By Julie Urquhart (Editor), Tim G. Acott (Editor), David Symes (Editor) Cover Image
By Julie Urquhart (Editor), Tim G. Acott (Editor), David Symes (Editor)
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Introduction: Social issues in sustainable fisheries management

Julie Urquhart, Tim Acott, David Symes&Minghua Zhao


Issues in governance and co-management


Finding Solutions: Resilience theory and Europe's small scale fisheries

David Symes


From boom and bust to local stewardship: a governance benchmark for Celtic sea fisheries management

Mike Fitzpatrick


The social dimensions of the Common Fisheries Policy: a review of current measures



The unfulfilled promise of integrated management: how policy discourses operate in Annapolis Basin, Canada

Kate Bigney Wilner


Issues in local ecological knowledge and scientific evidence


Stewardship and the recovery of threatened wolffish in East Canadian waters

Kathleen Blanchard, Jennifer Dawe& Russell Wall


Building bridges among scientists and fishermen with participatory action research

Steve Mackinson& Douglas Clyde Kongsh j Wilson


Issues in sustaining fisher livelihoods


Ghost boats and human freight: The social wellbeing impacts of the salmon ban on Lough Foyle's fishing communities

Easkey Britton


Fisheries diversification: a case study of French and English fishers in the Channel

Richard Morgan, Marie Lesueur& Laura-Mars




Area-based local development - a new opportunity for European fisheries areas



Issues in gender roles


Flemish fishermen's wives: their lives and roles in fisheries



Women's organisations in fisheries and aquaculture in Europe: history and future propects

Katia Frangoudes& Jos J. Pascual-Fern ndez


Women in English fisheries: roles, contributions, barriers and prospects

Minghua Zhao, Marilyn Tyzack, Rodney Anderson &EjirogheneEsteraOnoakpovike


Issues in social identity and cultural heritage


Sense of place and socio-cultural values in fishing communities along the English Channel

Tim Acott& Julie Urquhart


Heritage, skills and livelihood: reconstruction and regeneration in a Cornish fishing port

Tim Martindale


The socio-cultural impact of industry restructuring: fishing identities in northeast Scotland

Ruth Williams


Perspectives about the sea in the Azores: Respecting narratives that sustain inshore fishing communities

Alison L. Neilson, Rosalina Gabriel, Ana MouraArroz&En simaMendonca



Towards an understanding of social issues in sustainable fisheries management

Tim Acott, Julie Urquhart, Minghua Zhao.

About the Author

Dr Julie Urquhart is a rural geographer and social scientist at the School of Science, University of Greenwich, UK. She graduated with a First Class BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science from the University of Greenwich and further achieved a distinction in a MA in Research Methods (for Countryside Planning) and a PhD in forest policy and economics in 2009 at the Countryside and Community Research Institute (University of Gloucestershire). Julie has been involved in research contracts for UK government agencies on a range of rural issues, including the social impacts of England's inshore fishing industry, the impacts of woodland management on public benefits in forests and the socio-economic impacts of heritage in National Parks. She has worked on a 3 year multidisciplinary European research project CHARM III, exploring the social and cultural impacts of marine fishing on coastal communities in England and France, and is currently co-investigator on a 4.6 million ERDF co-financed Interreg IVA project GIFS, the Geography of Inshore Fishing and Sustainability. Dr Tim Acott graduated with a BSc Hons in Environmental Science from the University of Plymouth in 1989. He subsequently completed a PhD at the University of Stirling and started to lecture at the University of Greenwich in 1993. Tim was a lead investigator on a European INTERREG 4a funded collaborative project, CHARM III (Channel Integrated Approach for Marine Resource Management). Tim's work explores the contribution of marine fishing to sense of place and identity in coastal communities on both sides of the English Channel. Tim is also currently the principal investigator on a 4.6 million ERDF co-financed Interreg IVA project called Geography of Inshore Fishing and Sustainability (GIFS). Tim has worked on social science research projects spanning marine fishing, environmental conservation, sustainable tourism, ecotourism and environmental ethics. David Symes is currently a Reader Emeritus at the University of Hull. He graduated from Oxford University in 1956 and has published extensively in the fields of regional development, rural sociology ad fisheries goverance with a particular emphasis on Europe. He has acted as adviser/consultant on fisheries governance to the European Commission, OECD, UK governments and statutory conservation bodies - most recently on the Scottish Government inquiry on the Future of Fisheries Management in Scotland. Dr Minghua Zhao is a maritime sociologist who is the Deputy Director of Greenwich Maritime Institute (GMI), University of Greenwich. At GMI, she leads the International Maritime Policy and MBA Maritime Management postgraduate programmes and also heads the China Maritime Centre. Her research interest focuses on maritime labour and gender issues in world commercial shipping and fisheries.
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