Advanced Scheduling Handbook for Project Managers (Paperback)

Advanced Scheduling Handbook for Project Managers By Jeremie Averous, Thierry Linares Cover Image


Know How to Navigate in Large, Complex Projects This must-have practical handbook for Large, Complex Projects originated in the trenches of actual Project execution. It differs markedly from most handbooks on Project scheduling by taking the Project Manager's point of view. It thus fills a gap between Project management and Schedule professionals to create useful conversations in organizations. It is not a heavy and detailed bible, but rather a practical reference for Project practitioners in Large Projects. Those Projects require specific approaches to deal with size and complexity. Project Scheduling needs to reflect accurately the condition of the Project, coordinate effectively the work of all contributors and be used to define execution strategies. It is also used to support commercial claims. This handbook presents groundbreaking methods and principles to improve significantly the benefits and reliability of the Project Scheduling process. In this practical Handbook specifically written by and for the Project Manager, discover how to upgrade significantly the effectiveness of Project Scheduling for Large Complex Projects.
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ISBN: 9789810943226
ISBN-10: 9810943229
Publisher: Fourth Revolution Publishing
Publication Date: August 16th, 2015
Pages: 256
Language: English