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HUGELKULTUR PLUS - 7 Simple Techniques For Growing Awesome Veggies including Hugelbed, Raised Beds, Keyhole Gardens, Square Foot, Lasagna, Hot Bed, & (Paperback)

HUGELKULTUR PLUS - 7 Simple Techniques For Growing Awesome Veggies including Hugelbed, Raised Beds, Keyhole Gardens, Square Foot, Lasagna, Hot Bed, & By James Paris Cover Image
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Growing Your Own Veggies

The ability to grow your own food and the general push for self-sufficiency has reached an all-time high as recent events have highlighted the need for a 'plan B' if things go badly in the world - and the store shelves empty of fresh vegetables and other food staples.

This book aims to inform the novice grower or even experienced vegetable gardener, of the various techniques that can be used to maximise your food production - even if space (and knowledge?) is limited.

What You Will Find In This Book:

Hugelkultur: The 'Headline item' in this book is all about the Hugelbed way to grow vegetables - Ideal especially if you have a supply of old timber or tree cuttings available. See just how, even in the midst of the Black Forest with no traditional fields to grow anything, the locals were able to grow amazing vegetables.

Raised Bed Gardening: This is perhaps the best known of all veggie growing techniques and is explored in some detail including how to make a Raised Bed, as well as what growing medium to use for best results.

Keyhole Gardening: Used extensively throughout Africa to begin with by the charity sendacow.org and now a global phenomenon. This technique is a real talking point as well as a viable way to maximise space and get amazing results.

Grid Gardening (Square Foot) is a hugely popular technique and a great way to grow vegetables in very limited spaces starting at a Raised Bed only 4 foot by 4 foot. A system that utilises intensive gardening methods in a tiny space for best results

Lasagna or Layer Composting This is an excellent way to dispose off kitchen waste and other organic material around the garden. With a few sheets of cardboard thrown in, you have the perfect self-feeding growing arena for many types of veggies to prosper.

Hot Bed Technique This was widely used in the late 18c by the Parisians who cleverly managed to get their product to the market a full month before anyone else using this highly effective method. Find out how you can do the same using Hot Beds to produce early vegetables.

Container gardens: This is another very popular way to grow veggies - and perhaps one of the best known. Whether you just want to just grow a few tomato or pepper plants, or become totally self-sufficient in your vegetable growing efforts, this is must-have basic knowledge for the food-growing enthusiast.

More material and vegetable growing tips & info can be found on my blog PlantersPost.com

Product Details
ISBN: 9798685316318
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 11th, 2020
Pages: 354
Language: English