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Rainbow Valley (Paperback)

Rainbow Valley By L. M. Montgomery Cover Image


"Where are the other children?" asked Miss Cornelia, when the first greetings-cordial on herside, rapturous on Anne's, and dignified on Susan's-were over."Shirley is in bed and Jem and Walter and the twins are down in their beloved Rainbow Valley,"said Anne. "They just came home this afternoon, you know, and they could hardly wait until supperwas over before rushing down to the valley. They love it above every spot on earth. Even the maplegrove doesn't rival it in their affections.""I am afraid they love it too well," said Susan gloomily. "Little Jem said once he would rather goto Rainbow Valley than to heaven when he died, and that was not a proper remark.""I suppose they had a great time in Avonlea?" said Miss Cornelia."Enormous. Marilla does spoil them terribly. Jem, in particular, can do no wrong in her eyes.""Miss Cuthbert must be an old lady now," said Miss Cornelia, getting out her knitting, so that shecould hold her own with Susan. Miss Cornelia held that the woman whose hands were employedalways had the advantage over the woman whose hands were not."Marilla is eighty-five," said Anne with a sigh. "Her hair is snow-white. But, strange to say, hereyesight is better than it was when she was sixty.""Well, dearie, I'm real glad you're all back. I've been dreadful lonesome. But we haven't been dullin the Glen, believe ME. There hasn't been such an exciting spring in my time, as far as churchmatters go. We've got settled with a minister at last, Anne dearie.""The Reverend John Knox Meredith, Mrs. Dr. dear," said Susan, resolved not to let Miss Corneliatell all the news.
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ISBN: 9798709633674
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 15th, 2021
Pages: 150
Language: English