...And On the Sixth Day God Created the Horse: A Beautiful 365-Day Journey Of Horses Throughout History (Paperback)

...And On the Sixth Day God Created the Horse: A Beautiful 365-Day Journey Of Horses Throughout History By Sheri Grunska Cover Image
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Explore the horse's extraordinary and often unknown life throughout history, and fall in love with these amazing animals even more There was absolutely nothing untouched by the horse. In this collection of astonishing true stories, glimpse at how horses have left their hoof prints in each part of our history.

The craziest horse history Discover:
  • The most famous horses throughout the last five thousand years
  • The personal written accounts of soldiers and the deep love and devotion they had for their warhorses.
  • Unbelievable jobs of the horse - from war horses to pit ponies, shunting horses to lifeboat horses, fire horses to powering ferry boats and locomotives, and that is only the beginning
  • How religions have used horses for their rituals, warfare, marriage, tithing, and the afterlife.
  • Incredible stories of how women gained their independence on the back of the horse and changed the world
  • How exploration reached the North and South poles by teaching horses to eat meat.
  • How entertainment and the movie industry was discovered by way of the horse
  • Many discoveries in medicine were made with the help of the horse, and many will surprise you
  • And so much more The stories are endless and the history is astonishing.

This book celebrates the horse in the most unique and beautiful way and will open your eyes to the immense contributions or fate of these amazing equines. The perfect gift for the horse-lover or anyone who loves history. This book is truly one of a kind.

WINNER 2022 Equus Film & Arts Fest "Best in Equine Short Stories.
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ISBN: 9798797099079
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 7th, 2022
Pages: 402
Language: English