Canis magicus (Paperback)

Canis magicus By Heidi Parker Colonna Cover Image
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Hayley Parsons is quiet---except about important things, like getting her old home and dog back. When begging fails, she makes the best of her new stepfather's hill town and finds herself quietly among dogs again. There's sweet Greta, and a strange, bushy-tailed dog she comes to know as Al. Al is from a long line of wild dogs with many miles under their paws. The boy in front of her in class talks about hunting them. And that's not something to stay quiet about.

In this adventure-filled novel for ages 9 and up, a girl must learn the art of speaking up. Al has lessons in adapting in new territory, and Hayley has a growing faith. Both dogs are showing her a magical side of life, and she knows her late great-grandmother is watching it all and pushing her to "bloom where she's planted"---if that's possible in the coldest winter ever.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798985146929
Publisher: Thayer Street Publishing
Publication Date: December 1st, 2022
Pages: 206
Language: English