The Gravity of Lies (Paperback)

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"Despite setbacks, a plucky protagonist doesn't stop believing in a better future in this relatable teen read." Kirkus Reviews

A Journey Through Hollywood's Shimmer and the Shadows of Truth

Silver Award Winner at Literary Titan and a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, this novel is a testament to the resilience of dreams amidst a reality that's often harsh and unyielding.

Sixteen-year-old Skye Perry knows the underbelly of Hollywood all too well. The roles she lands are fleeting, offering only a glimpse of the glamor she chases while struggling to keep her and her mother from the brink of destitution. Their life is a constant battle with poverty and her mother's destructive habits. Skye's beacon of hope is the enigma of her father-a man she has never met but believes holds the key to a better life.

When fortune smiles upon her with a spot on a reality show, she's thrown into an unexpected quest filled with new friendships and a shocking revelation about her lineage. As Skye embarks on a road trip in pursuit of her true heritage, the network's cameras capture every moment of her heartfelt journey.

But as the quest unfolds, the fabric of lies that has enshrouded her life begins to unravel, sending Skye into a tailspin of emotions and discoveries. Guided by the power of love and the strength found in new friendships, she must navigate through the revelations that threaten to redefine her existence.

Kirkus Reviews celebrates Skye as a "plucky protagonist" who, despite overwhelming odds, never stops yearning for a brighter horizon. This "compelling and gritty" tale paints a vivid portrait of a tenacious teen wrestling with economic hardship and familial turmoil. Readers will be rooting for Skye as she confronts her past and forges a path toward the future she deserves.

Encounter the raw and touching reality of Skye's struggle in "The Gravity of Lies"-where the journey to stardom and self-discovery promises to leave you breathless with its emotional depth and resilience.

Join Skye as she learns that sometimes, the truths we seek can only be found after we've faced the gravity of our lies.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798986599861
Publisher: Sword and Silk, LLC
Publication Date: June 13th, 2023
Pages: 348
Language: English