The Flame of Prometheus (Paperback)

The Flame of Prometheus By Taryn L. Davidson Cover Image
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Rowyn Eloise Darrow is no stranger to death.

At the age of eight, Rowyn and her family fled the comfort of the American Coalition's High Society to live in the Wastes-the land left Decimated by the Demise.

It was never her plan to join the Resistance-she promised her father as much-but after her parents disappeared, Rowyn saw no other way to keep her little sister safe.

Now, at twenty-two, she is Agent Red, the best soldier in the Coalition Resistance Forces. She is not only tasked with protecting her sister, but the entire Resistance. When her mission is sabotaged, Red is apprehended by her childhood friend and current Lieutenant General of the Coalition Army, Callum Osouf.

Rowyn manages to keep her cover, but as she navigates her new role as spy, she finds herself slipping into her past as her feelings for the Lieutenant General grow and dark family secrets unravel.

Will Rowyn take up the old life she thought she'd lost all those years ago, or will she burn the world to create a new one?

Product Details
ISBN: 9798988511069
Publisher: Phantom House Press
Publication Date: January 9th, 2024
Pages: 464
Language: English