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Phrenology Curios Mug


The science of Phrenology is dead, but this great mug keeps the idea alive with a great, vintage graphic that shows how science used to think the brain was mapped. There's also a matching set of snack trays by the same company, which we also sell here at Vroman's. Check them out!

Price: $16.99

Local Wildflowers of Los Angeles County


This packed but succinct laminated guide to our area's wildflowers is the perfect (and perfectly priced) companion for your spring walks!

Price: $8.95

Music Is...Box Sign


This little box sign sums it all up quite nicely.

Price: $9.95

Assorted Butterfly Frames


Step into Spring with this colorful butterfly art

Price: $12.99

Gold Octopus Figure


Liven up any space with this classic, nautical little gem.

Price: $34.99

Redwood and Amber Wood Candle


The aroma brings to mind sweet spring afternoons among giant redwoods, and brings about a sense of relaxation and comfort. The packaging is also very aesthetically pleasing, with the natural wood design and octagon shape.

Price: $41.99

Soap Rocklets


Soap Rocks? It may sound weird, but these bars of soap smell great and look awesome. With the variety of colors and patterns offered, there's a bar that's right for everyone.

Price: $13.99

We Must Go And See Journal


This line of journals offers a variety of color and cover types, and the slim size makes it easy to carry with you for jotting notes on the go. This particular one has such a wonderful nature feel, and gets me inspired to go out into the natural world and write.

Price: $8.99

Man Walks Into A Bar Journal


Every good man needs a good journal... with a sense of humor, of course.

Price: $73.95

Compass Paperweight


One of my favorite items that reminds me of the freedom of taking any direction I'd like and starting a new adventure.

Price: $19.99