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Outer Space Letterpress Prints


These 8" x 8" prints from Archie's Press, handmade on a 19th century letterpress in Portland, OR, present a unique mapping of structures, neighborhoods, and the universe. Using circles to convey size and connection, these prints are unique and frame-worthy! Available in various collections, including Solar System, the Northern Sky, Mars, and the Milky Way. 

Price: $24.99

Heroes of Science Pint Glasses


From Albert Einstein to Richard Feynman, and Nikola Tesla to Rachel Carson, toast to these science pioneers and your next brilliant discovery. Fuel your curiosity with these illustrated, made-in-the-USA glasses. 

Price: $17.99



These fun little suckers stick to each other and virtually any flat surface (leaving no residue!) providing hours of creative play. Simply push them together to build whatever your imagination conceives, and pop them apart to create anew. 

Price: $28.99

Neon Butterfly Necklace


A petite gold butterfly, delicately embossed, sits stop a multi-layered star and hangs on a simple gold chain. Sure to bring a smile big as the sun to the lucky recipient's face. Made in Los Angeles with vintage components. 

Price: $35.99

Cross Stitch World Map


You can sew your own way! A fun and original way to record the journeys you have made and the ones you are eager to make. This kit comes with a map printed on cross stitch fabric, four colored embroidery threads, two needles, and a pine frame ready for hanging. 

Price: $46.99

Blood Moon Lupita Clutch


This signature clutch is an essential accessory that will spice up any ensemble, or be the perfect companion tucked into your favorite tote. Made by Zapotec artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, this fair trade gift is beautifully made and positively impacts the lives and communities of its artisans. 

Price: $43.99

Yosemite's Firefall Candle


Handcrafted in Ventura, California, this beautifully, simplistic, candle with notes of brisk, granite, fresh cedar wood, and black sage will call you back to your last adventure, and leave you eager for the next. Made of coconut soy beeswax in small batches, and slipped into a stunning box that evokes the scene, this candle is perfect for any trailblazer. 45-hour burn time. 

Price: $39.99

Dueling Shots, Set of 2


"I am not throwing away my shot!" Be the first to fire with this Hamilton vs. Burr dueling shot glass gift box. A great gift for Broadway lovers or history buffs! 

Price: $17.95

Calva Decorative Skull


This is the cadillac of decorative skulls. Highly detailed, life size, and heavy enough to double as a paperweight or door stop, you couldn't do much than this.

Price: $63.95

Live a Life You Love journal


These photo-sized journals encourage positive and motivational daily entries that will inspire you towards adventure, boldness and creativity. The journals are also available in a variety of leather-bound covers under “titles” including “Take Epic Chances,” “On To the Next Adventure” and “Trust Your Crazy Ideas.

Price: $11.95