Transnationalism and Imperialism (Kobo eBook)

Transnationalism and Imperialism By Hervé Mayer, David Roche, Patrick Adamson, Costanza Salvi, Marine Soubeille, Dragan Batančev, Hadrien Fontanaud, Marek Paryż, Jesús Ángel González, Alessandra Magrin Haas, Lee Broughton, Mike Phillips, Jenny Barrett, Vivian P. Y. Lee, Claire Dutriaux, Annael Le Poullennec, Emma Hamilton Cover Image
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While Western films can be seen as a mode of American exceptionalism, they have also become a global genre. Around the world, Westerns exemplify colonial cinema, driven by the exploration of racial and gender hierarchies and the progress and violence shaped by imperialism.

Transnationalism and Imperialism: Endurance of the Global Western Film traces the Western from the silent era to present day as the genre has circulated the world. Contributors examine the reception and production of American Westerns outside the US alongside the transnational aspects of American productions, and they consider the work of minority directors who use the genre to interrogate a visual history of oppression. By viewing Western films through a transnational lens and focusing on the reinterpretations, appropriations, and parallel developments of the genre outside the US, editors Hervé Mayer and David Roche contribute to a growing body of literature that debunks the pervasive correlation between the genre and American identity.

Perfect for media studies and political science, Transnationalism and Imperialism reveals that Western films are more than cowboys; they are a critical intersection where issues of power and coloniality are negotiated.

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ISBN-13: 9780253060778
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Publication Date: April 4th, 2022