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"Where should I retire?" It's a common question in North America as Baby Boomers contemplate how and where they might spend the remainder of this life. For tens of thousands, this question includes destinations outside the U.S. or Canada. Oftentimes, this process involves mulling over Mexico. Every January, the publication International Living, provides retirees with suggestions using their Annual Global Retirement Index. In 2018, Mexico was ranked as the 2nd Best Place to retire by IL. Estimates vary, but it's safe to conclude that more than a few million Americans and Canadians now reside primarily in Mexico.

Bill reveals the documented environmental and public health hazards that inhabit the area. He delves into tourist safety, digital connectivity, infrastructure issues, problematic governance and corruption. This book provides detailed documentation of these issues and a road map for you to explore these issues - and others - on your own.

Mexico is not unlike any other country on the planet; it possesses extraordinary positives it is proud to share with the world – and – it has current issues that it would rather not speak about. I encountered both. I adore Mexico. Particularly Guadalajara in the State of Jalisco. The people, culture, food, art, architecture,language and landscapes are precious to me. I did not travel to Mexico with this book in mind. The inspirations for this book found me – my heart and my mind. The motivation for this series was both unexpected and unintentional. Yet, when confronted with these realities, I knew I must write about them.

I hope this book assists you in some way in your selection process of a place for you to retire in Mexico. Have a friend or relative thinking about retirement in Mexico's Lake Chapala area? Give them the gift of this book.

Enjoy and safe travels. Enjoy the journey.

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ISBN-13: 9780983583622
Publisher: Bill Dahl
Publication Date: January 29th, 2019