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Customers want you to magically produce something from the back room. Bosses schedule you on your day off. Corporate policies are mandated that make zero practical sense. Sound familiar?

If you've ever worked in customer service (or any job, really), you know that everyone else—the customer, the boss, the company—is always right, and never the employee. Well, lucky for you, the "Angry Retail Guy" is more furious—and funnier—than ever in this hilariously unhinged guide to all the things we wish we could say out loud at work . . . without getting fired. In The Customer Is Always Wrong, you'll laugh (and maybe cry) at this rant-filled, illustrated attack on all the frustrating things that suck about work.

Expanding on the ire-filled, laugh-out-loud viral videos that have made him a (whispered) workplace name, Scott Seiss joyfully eviscerates not only overbearing customers but every annoying aspect of work like purposeless job interview questions, debatable brand values, and the walking human trainwrecks that are our bosses. Scott guides you all the way from first applying to the job, to inevitably gritting your teeth and smiling on your last day when that one manager you despise says, “Come back and visit us!”

The Customer Is Always Wrong is for anyone who:

  • Is tired of their "raise" being as close as scientifically possible to 0 percent
  • Wants to tell their boss that not even the self-checkout machines want to work here
  • Is prepared to tell the next customer who asks to see the manager that the manager has no idea what's going on either
  • Calls in sick whenever their PTO request is denied
  • Believes entering a store five minutes before it closes should be illegal
  • Explains, on a weekly basis, why someone can't use a coupon that expired 17 years ago
  • Is physically repulsed by the phrase, "At this company, we're a family. . . ."

This tongue-in-cheek commiseration for workers will make you laugh out loud at the things that drive you crazy in the workplace. With Scott's signature rants, funny anecdotes, and absurd musings, this book celebrates and empowers underpaid and overworked employees with an uproarious, illustrated ode to what we really think about our jobs and the customers that come with them (except the ones who read this book, of course).

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ISBN-13: 9781400247301
Publisher: Harper Celebrate
Publication Date: September 9th, 2024