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Queen of Birds (Kobo eBook)

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Cut from the same cloth of comedic adventure as The Princess Bride, A Confederacy of Dunces and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Queen of Birds is your ticket to ride to the legendary North Sea island of Bennington, year 1952.

Upon arrival, you'll meet Queen Pansy Ditch of Bennington, who needs a princess to serve as her royal heir, for Bennington is an island nation ruled at all times by women. And wonderful life is under such female rule until the unwed, childless (and damn rowdy) Queen Pansy, age 52, decides to enact an island-wide search for a lucky man willing to help produce an heir. It is a search that, as fated, is a spectacular failure until a young thief named Josey Certain arrives at the royal castle holding the key to the future of Bennington deep within his own fibs and riddles. To unearth such, the brave readers of this tale must first navigate the most cavalier of quests that, like the Queen herself, will be obnoxious to the end.

With special appearances by: Walt Whitman, Queen Christina of Sweden, Gilbert the Coconut, Edith Piaf (maybe), a bear, a giant, mummies, bloodthirsty musical prodigies, the acquittal papers for Joan of Arc, theologian John Calvin, a lady pirate from Chile, a man who doesn't age, three witches, King Arthur's Stone (bought at estate sale), dancing bones atop a scary hill, a dancing gift shop worker (not scary), buried treasure, Helsinki, Finland, a famous Indian musician, a famous soup maker, a famous porridge maker, a frowning iris, and an island that can write letters, which is how this book will begin once you open it.

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ISBN-13: 9781733116213
Publisher: Fussy's Department Store
Publication Date: September 17th, 2019