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This book, The Two Gods in the Bible, is designed and intended to spark and spur the interest of an individual, encourage the intuitive investigative prowess of even the most rudimentary reader to discover and realize the true teachings found and bound within the Bible, and to reveal the secrets and mysteries hidden in between the lines. Not one contemporary or conventional denomination conforms to a strict biblical interpretation, so were left to our own imagination and the infantile illustrations that mainstream media has supplied for decades. Unfortunately, they have been conscientiously consistent with only adhering to and tendering fairy tale versions of the alleged real-life stories details and entailed within. All of which are, in most cases, very far from the truth, according to the Bible. This book exposes the deception thats been conflated by well-meaning but misguided ministers, clarifies the contradictory ambiguity pervaded by the various denominations, and reveals Satans so-called deep secrets actually mentioned in Rev. 2:24.

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ISBN-13: 9781984511171
Publisher: Xlibris US
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2018