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David Kerr discusses and signs Idiots to Monsters: The Essential Guide to Suriviving Common Threats and Violent Encounters

David Kerr book signing Thursday September 12th at 7pm

Self-protection expert David Kerr teaches his readers how to avoid violence in the first place, and if you can't avoid it or manage escape, how to survive it. Idiots to Monsters details the author's real-life experiences of dealing with virtually the full spectrum of violent persons and situations, including those you, yourself, may likely encounter. Too often, otherwise rationale people let egoism, stupidity, anxieties, or intoxicants spark dangerous confrontations. Kerr discusses how to handle hostile-aggressive individuals, and offers his unconventional advice on confronting school bullying, road rage, and the abusive spouse or boyfriend, as well as how to spot and avoid being a target for criminals and predators. Just as critical, Kerr tells readers what you can do legally to defend yourself, and what you must do if fighting an aggressor is your best or only option. The author also offers practical advice if confronted by a cold-blooded killer, a "monster," who places no value on your life or those of your kids', be it a school or workplace shooter, a potential domestic terrorist, or an intruder in your home.

Additionally, anyone exploring self-defense instruction will find the author's review of various martial arts and self-protection systems to be essential reading, including advice and opinions regarding the use of weapons for self-defense.

Kerr's insights are especially useful for teens as well, explaining the psychology of fights and sexual aggression, as well as how to survive potential violence at concerts, sporting events, and off-campus parties.

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Event date: 
Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
695 E. Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91101