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Vroman’s Bookstore Local Author Day

Keith Fahey discusses and signs Falcon Will Give Birth to the Rover

Falcon Will Give Birth to the Rover is a work of imaginative nonfiction, an historical autobiography with concurrent headlines and events, written in the third person.

It is the story of Epimetheus, who lived in his car because he wished to be a singer. He was inspired by the Apollo Moon Flights: “If they can get to the Moon ...” Apollo 12 augured his challenge when it made a “bull’s-eye landing on the Ocean of Storms.”

Failure awakened many Furies, mirrored by ragers who could not resist the glooms. Only the epic tradition gave Epi the willingness to accept the descent into Hades, and resolve to complete the return.


Thomas M. Hewlett discusses and signs One Death At a Time (Volume One)

“People think Alcoholics Anonymous is for drunks. It’s not. It’s for us, the real drinkers. The blood drinkers. All the rest of those meetings are just for show.” Los Angeles, 1948. Detective Jack Strayhorn is killed while chasing down a suspect in the Black Dahlia murders all by himself. Los Angeles, 2010. Jack Strayhorn is back in L.A. as a private investigator with a simple mission: catch the bad guys and try not to kill any innocent people along the way. To him and his kind, human blood is the strongest drug in the world. Fortunately for Jack, he found the secret group within AA dedicated to helping Vampires survive the madness and destruction of their disease. When a city councilmember with ties to a drug-dealing Fae clan is found dead in his home and the woman lying next to him is Jack’s current missing person’s case, tracking down the ghostlike hitman will test him like nothing before. But this time, Jack won’t be alone. With the help of his unique powers of investigation, his magically talented friends, and a Medical Examiner with a few secrets of her own, Jack will face down a gang of outlaw biker werewolves, spell-casting Fae high on pixie dust, and an underground order of Vampires intent on ruling the world. As Jack learned long ago, the only way to get through eternity is one death a time.


Karen Rae discusses and signs Stage Fright Free

Stage Fright Free talks about how many musicians, athletes, public speakers, and other public performers have dealt with jitters. To understand what to do when you have an adrenaline rush, ways to make it your friend and use it as a positive force. Many people can get the shakes, diarrhea, head rushing and feelings of faintness and overall nervousness. We need to understand many of these feelings are part of performance and can actually press us into doing "supernatural things." This book has tips for performing or just speaking out loud to a room full of people that perhaps no one ever told you.

Event date: 
Sunday, July 29, 2018 - 4:00pm
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695 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91101