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Events for Kids & Teens!


Meri Cherry book signing
Friday, June 21, 6pm
Meri Cherry presents and signs Play, Make, Create, a Process-Art Handbook
Packed with fun art experiences, Play, Make, Create is filled with simple, yet powerful, "art invitations" that are focused on the making & doing, not just the final projects. Founded in a process-based philosophy, this unique book includes over 40 activities set up as carefully designed prompts to play or make something. Author Meri Cherry has over 20 years of teaching experience, and she will be leading kids in a free activity found in her book, “Artist Trading Cards.” This event will take place outside in the Vroman's Coutryard.
(All Ages)

Michael Portis book signing
Saturday, June 22, 10:30am
Michael Portis presents and signs Pinky Got Out
Michael Portis reads his new book immediately following Story Time with Mr. Steve! Pinky isn't your typical flamingo. He's a real escape artist! When he sees a young girl named Penny and her class touring the zoo, Pinky feels like they're birds of a feather and decides to make a break for it. Penny is the first to spot the flamingo hiding in plain sight. One by one, she lets her friends in on Pinky's antics as he tries to blend in with the seals, the meerkats, and even the pandas.
(Ages 3-7)


Drag Queen Story Time
Sunday, June 23, 3:00pm
Drag Queen Story Hour
Drag Queen Story Hour is a storytime event for children of all ages! Los Angeles' most glittering, magical drag queens read quirky and progressive children's books, followed by a simple craft. Featuring Drag Queen Valora Von Tease.

(All Ages) 


LGBTQ+ YA panel
Saturday, June 29, 3:00pm
LGBTQ+ YA Lit Pride Panel
It's Pride Month, and no better time to celebrate LGBTQ+ YA! Young Adult Literature gets a lot of attention in the book world for being an expansive world for and about teens dealing with romance, adventure, vampires, and dystopian futures. But what about the queer teens of YA Lit? What kind of stories do they get to be a part of? What do readers want from them? Join young adult authors Britta Lundin (Ship It!), Abdi Nazemian (Like a Love Story), Aminah Mae Safi (Tell Me How You Really Feel), and Amy Spalding (The Summer of Jordi Perez) to celebrate LGBTQ+ YA lit with a discussion about its past, present, and future.

(Ages 13+)





Karol Ruth Silverstein book signingChris Baron book signing
Wednesday, July 3, 7:00pm
Karol Ruth Silverstein and Chris Baron present and sign Cursed and All Of Me

Cursed is the debut novel for fans of The Fault in Our Stars that thoughtfully and humorously depicts teen Ricky Bloom's struggles with a recent chronic illness diagnosis. In All of Me, A boy named Ari struggles with body image and weight in this novel in verse about accepting the imperfect in oneself and in life.
(Ages 9-14)


Rilla Alexander book signing
Saturday, July 6, 10:30am
Rilla Alexander presents and signs Swarm of Bees

From the bestselling author of The Dark comes another brilliantly illustrated picture book that takes on an intense childhood emotion--this time, anger--in a rollicking, kid-friendly way. Whether you're a kid or a bee, sometimes you feel so mad, you buzz around looking for people to sting and trouble to make. See how one boy, a swarm of bees, and a whole town can get riled up and then find a way to feel better through the comfort of unconditional love and community. Printed in a brilliant palette of primary colors, brimming with beautiful dots and stripes,
Rilla Alexander's art sings. 

(All Ages) 


T-Rex Bingo
Friday, July 12, 7:00pm
T-Rex Bingo
Join us for a wild evening of T-Rex bingo! Feel free to come dressed up in your own dinosaur suit or dino dig-appropriate wardrobe!
(All Ages) 


Cindy Lin book signing
Saturday, July 13, 2:00pm
Cindy Lin presents and signs The Twelve
 Usagi can hear a squirrel's heartbeat from a mile away, and soar over treetops in one giant leap. She was born in the year of the wood rabbit, and it's given her extraordinary zodiac gifts. But she can never use them, not while the mysterious, vicious Dragonlord hunts down all those in her land with zodiac powers. Instead, she must keep her abilities--and those of her rambunctious sister Uma--a secret. After Uma is captured by the Dragonguard, Usagi can no longer ignore her powers. She must journey to Mount Jade with the fabled Heirs of the Twelve, a mystical group of warriors who once protected the land. As new mysteries unfold, Usagi must decide who she stands with, and who she trusts, as she takes on deadly foes on her path to the elusive, dangerous Dragonlord himself.
(Ages 8-12)