Vroman’s Local Author Day featuring Dr. Ian Brooks, Shanti Hershenson, and James Cox

Image of green banner with details for event on Friday, April 29, 6pm  Vroman’s Local Author Day featuring Dr. Ian Brooks, Shanti Hershenson, and James Cox

This is a virtual event and will take place on Crowdcast. 
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Dr. Ian Brooks presents Intention
Intention provides a step-by-step guide in transforming your story, by reinforcing and building new capabilities to move forward. if you're ready to:
Prioritize who you are in understanding your stories characters, its set, and script that influence you
Explore beyond your immediate reasons for change to reflect on your wants
Take manageable action for something new, while adjusting old habits
Build capabilities to manage changes for an unknown future
..then your personal journey of transformation begins with Intention.

Shanti Hershenson presents You Won’t Know Her Name
A haunting, shocking novel told in poetry.
"I thought they were my best friend..."

There lives a little girl whom you will never know the name of, and for her, a terrible storm is coming. She is going to a new, public middle school knowing no one but her sister, and the horrors are absolutely endless.
But she doesn't expect what is to come.
In her first few months of school, terrible and unspeakable things begin to happen, that go beyond what is considered "normal". Finding the courage to get away from the wrong people is a difficult thing, but when a horrific incident occurs, she finds herself running from who she once thought to be friends.
Now lost and alone, The Girl turns to one thing to help her get through her darkest moments. Writing poetry is the one way she can express her anger, and when her school announces that they will be hosting an open-mic night, she knows she has to enter. But entering means that she will have to face her demons, and it could be her worst nightmare...

James Cox presents Silver or Lead
"What would you do if you found out that the person you were trying to save might have to kill you?"
Teddy Dabrowski is a man harboring a dark secret until one fateful day a horrific crime at his favorite coffee house forces him to confront his past.
As the authorities search for suspects, Teddy and his best friend are propelled into a world of bizarre characters, some real and some not of this earth, but all, inextricably leading him to a former life that might best be left buried.
James Cox, most recently known for creating his critically acclaimed solo show, Love Madness, and Somewhere in Between at the Hudson Guild in Hollywood has crafted a debut novel that recalls the best of Elmore Leonard and indeed a bit of Stephen King. Silver and Lead takes the reader on a journey filled with so many twists that we are at once madly turning pages while at the same time wishing the story would never end.

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Friday, April 29, 2022 - 6:00pm
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