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You and Me Kid: A Practical Guide for Meeting Your Teen with Faith, Hope and Love Cover Image
ISBN: 9781944297404
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability

Published: Robert D. Reed Publishers - April 15th, 2019

Tips to save parents and teens a lot of pain!
Engaging stories with simple lessons for parenting your teen.
Advice from an experienced Parent Educator and Child Development Professor.
Ways to learn to foster your teen’s success in life and build a lasting parent-child bond.
Ideas on how to help your teen grow up emotionally healthy.
Simple messages that every teen needs to hear.
New practical help for living your desire of being an effective parent for your teen.
Information that the average educated person does not know about teenagers.
Messages teens need, made easy for parents.
Knowledge of what all teens are experiencing developmentally.
How to shift from conflict with your teen into responsiveness and enduring connection.
Feel competent as a parent of a teenager..
Discover key information about adolescent development that the average parent does not know.
Advice on how to navigate important and difficult conversations with your teen.

The Armenian Highland Cover Image
ISBN: 9780967212050
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability

Published: Stone Garden Press - April 15th, 2019

THE ARMENIAN HIGHLAND is a beautifully illustrated historical guide to the ancient homeland of the Armenians—lands that are commonly known today as Historic Armenia.

This impressive 312-page hard cover volume provides a unique perspective on the Armenian past that has survived in Ani, Kars, and Western Armenia—all lands that are outside the borders of today’s modern Republic of Armenia.

Author Matthew Karanian brings these ancient Armenian lands alive through a masterful combination of story-telling, historic maps, and more than 200 photographs—both modern and ancient. The result is a book that proudly showcases an Armenia that has rarely been seen since 1915.

Desolation Lake Cover Image
ISBN: 9780578470177
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Line by Line Books - March 8th, 2019

Life, death, and love converge on the ground floor of heaven.

The suicide of a brilliant student at an exclusive Los Angeles private school shakes the school's community. Leo, the girl's teacher and mentor, soon finds himself in the crosshairs of a powerful and vengeful school board member. And when he is accused of a crime of which he is innocent--or is he?--he turns fugitive.

At Desolation Lake in the Eastern Sierras, two miles above sea level and light years from the life he has known, Leo must confront his demons and make a critical decision. The unforgiving yet sublimely beautiful environment and the torments and joys of the human spirit combine to drive the story to its powerful and revelatory conclusion.

Desolation Lake tells two parallel stories: Chandler, the daughter Leo has never known, and her lover, Paul; Professor Leo and Father Tom, two men from different worlds. It is an imaginative novel that soars in spirit and language, the work of a writer who confronts head-on the human capacity for love while plumbing the depths of the soul.

Oblivion: Grace In Exile With A Monk Behind Bars Cover Image
ISBN: 9781798765661
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability

Published: Cathedral Center Press - March 2019

Oblivion: Grace in Exile with a Monk Behind Bars is about one man’s journey through decades of poverty, addiction, homelessness and incarceration into life as a monk who steps out of the monastery daily to walk with those living in exile in jails and prisons. Brother Dennis’ own story is woven into those of our incarcerated brothers and sisters and tell of how the bonds of truth and love have been forged through many years of common familiarity with suffering and grace.

Soul Conversations: A Medium Reveals How to Cultivate Your Intuition, Heal Your Heart, and Connect with the Divine Cover Image
By Austyn Wells, Matthew McKay (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781684031849
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Reveal Press - February 2nd, 2019

Soul Conversations reveals how you can tap into your soul's wisdom, connect with the universe, and communicate with loved ones and guides in the spirit world. Drawing on the author's extensive training and experience, you'll learn how to develop intuition, cultivate your "soul senses," and create a personal spirituality that interweaves the invisible world with the everyday fabric of your life.

We are all connected--to each other and to an infinite intelligence that some call spirit, source, universe, or God. To come to the understanding that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we must reacquaint ourselves with our very essence, or soul. This book invites you to embark on that magical journey and explore the eternity of the universe within each of us.

Written by spiritual medium Austyn Wells, Soul Conversations is the first guide to offer practical tools based in grief counseling, spirit communication, hypnotherapy and regression, indigenous medicine, and energy exercises to help you align your everyday thoughts and actions with your deepest wisdom for a soul-centered life. Drawing on the author's extensive training and experience--including training in shamanism, as well as years of working with other souls seeking similar illumination--this book will help you:

  • Explore the illusions and truths of self, and honor the oneness of dark and light
  • Discover the "soul senses" and how they connect you to universe and spirit world
  • Explore soul-to-soul communication with loved ones, animals, and spirit guides
  • Strengthen your connection to nature and with divine guidance
  • Deepen your soul presence in self-care and relationships
  • And much more

With the meditations, activities, and experiments in this unique guide, you'll create a bridge to the invisible world and move toward living a more authentic, soul-fulfilling, spiritual life.

Blue Nestira Cover Image
ISBN: 9781732209190
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Aux Media - March 15th, 2019

An International Novel of Music and Intrigue by Brazilian author Aliete Guerrero.

Sofia de Menezes, an opera singer from Rio, had her career cut short with the death of her beloved fianc .
Years later, she gets another chance to shine on the Met stage by entering into a contract with an opera manager named Didier Guisan. He turns out to be a master at carving a path that will make Sofia the world's number one diva for as long as he owns her voice, body, and desires. Will she agree to a complete metamorphosis to become Didier's dazzling diva? Will Sofia give up her cultural heritage to fit into the fast and sleek new world Didier has to offer and achieve her dream? Will she give up the life of her unborn child to realize her greatest desire?
On the cusp of Sofia's stardom, the convicted killer of her fianc escapes from prison and makes an appearance during the most important performance of her career, Puccini's Madame Butterfly. Will Sofia's life be cut short?

Consequential Communication in Turbulent Times Cover Image
ISBN: 9781733614603
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability

Published: Independently Published - February 21st, 2019

In an age of great volatility—fake news, diverse audiences, technology at our fingertips, and change at the speed of light—clear, concise, and intentional communication is vital to successful human interaction. Workplace miscommunications, be they well-meaning or not, result in lost productivity, discontent, and even violence. This book answers the age-old leadership question: how do we get the best out of ourselves and others on the job? Relying upon her experiences as a practicing labor lawyer, corporate executive, officer, human resources executive, and an organizational development consultant, Diana Peterson-More has developed actionable, easy-to-implement, and practical steps to successful communication, which is the key to getting what we want from ourselves and others. The volume is filled with stories of workplace communications that worked, and those that didn’t, and presents real-world solutions to ensure all communication will hit the mark.

How Race Is Made in America: Immigration, Citizenship, and the Historical Power of Racial Scripts (American Crossroads #38) Cover Image
Please call for price (626)449-5320.
ISBN: 9780520280083
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: University of California Press - January 2014

How Race Is Made in America examines Mexican Americans—from 1924, when American law drastically reduced immigration into the United States, to 1965, when many quotas were abolished—to understand how broad themes of race and citizenship are constructed. These years shaped the emergence of what Natalia Molina describes as an immigration regime, which defined the racial categories that continue to influence perceptions in the United States about Mexican Americans, race, and ethnicity.

Molina demonstrates that despite the multiplicity of influences that help shape our concept of race, common themes prevail. Examining legal, political, social, and cultural sources related to immigration, she advances the theory that our understanding of race is socially constructed in relational ways—that is, in correspondence to other groups. Molina introduces and explains her central theory, racial scripts, which highlights the ways in which the lives of racialized groups are linked across time and space and thereby affect one another. How Race Is Made in America also shows that these racial scripts are easily adopted and adapted to apply to different racial groups.

It's of No Consequence Cover Image
ISBN: 9780692194089
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Burkwood Media - October 25th, 2018

Three generations of women born from the same ancestral line; yet separated by vastly different and inequitable life experiences. Beverley, the youngest, was raised in the U.S. during the late 40's and 50's in a relatively stable middle-class home. She never knew abandonment or isolation. She never knew the scratchy feeling of itchy burlap next to her skin, or the callous, stone-like crusting beneath her feet from not having shoes; her mother Daphne, on the other hand, experienced this and more.

Daphne grew up during the 20's and 30's in Kingston, Jamaica and knew poverty and anger well. Abandoned by her mother Phyllis, she was robbed of her childhood. Her earliest memories were filled with images of her Aunt screaming at her for being a burden. As a child, she worked for her keep by doing all of the domestic chores in the house while taking care of her Aunt's children. Throughout Daphne's life, Phyllis refused to acknowledge the pain and tragedy of her daughter's childhood; never once telling her that she loved her. However, she did let Daphne know, "Girl children ain't nothing but shit!"

In stark contrast, Phyllis grew up at the turn of the 20th century in Jamaica, BWI. She attended the best boarding schools, rode in the finest horse carriages, grew up with house servants and ate meals served on bone china prepared by the family's cook. The socio-economic contrast of their lives was startling but fell second to Phyllis' failure to love her child.

Over the years, the responsibility fell upon Beverley to help her grandmother and support her mother through a lifetime of emotional omissions. Ironically, it was Phyllis whose life would come full circle. After a generation of her abandonment and neglect of her child, Phyllis ultimately needed the help and support of both her daughter and granddaughter.

The work is poignant and emotionally telling with graphic visualizations of life's crushing blows.

Approaching Freedom: An Exile's Quest for a New Self Cover Image
ISBN: 9781732892903
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Maria A. Nodarse - November 14th, 2018

A probing tale of an exile's quest for a new self, Approaching Freedom follows Maria Nodarse's journey from her arrival as a Cuban political refugee in 1960s America to her return to her native land in 1979.

Nodarse is fifteen when her family settles in a white middle-class New Jersey town. In Cuba she had attended the same private American school since kindergarten. At Ridgefield Park High School when she's instructed to take part in the pledge of allegiance Nodarse cannot help but feel extremely alienated. When her classmates ask her, "Do you wear shoes in Cuba?" and she's forbidden to speak her own language on the school grounds, she starts looking for somewhere to hide.

Alone in this new reality, with one brother studying medicine in Mexico and the other imprisoned after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Nodarse resents the role assigned to Cuban women.

After her father loses his job he announces "We're all moving to Miami." Nodarse is not so sure. She has other ideas about her life even though it might cause her parents to stop talking to her. She knows the decision she makes will set the stage for the rest of her life. What she doesn't know is how a headstrong young Latina can find her way through the maze of feminist, social, and political revolutions of the 60' and 70's without losing herself or the small family she has left.

As an exile, she's left everything behind --her identity, her language, her land, her culture, her people. In Miami her compatriots have found ways to mediate these losses; they have formed an ethnic enclave that provides the warmth and acceptance of home. Nodarse refuses this consolation and moves to Manhattan. After graduating from Columbia she returns to Cuba, seeking what she lost.

Gospel According to Song of Solomon: A Fruitful Marriage Cover Image
ISBN: 9781949572261
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Carpenter's Son Publishing - January 31st, 2019

The Gospel According to Song of Solomon is the Magna Carta of marriage manuals. A guide to grow spiritual connections between God, man and woman. It will shepherd you through the highs and lows of relationships. If you desired a glimpse into the Song of Solomon, your search is over. A must read for the lover of Christ who are single, married, seeking marriage, or for the inquiring heart. Kevin Foster is an award-winning author. His first devotional commentary, The Gospel According to Ruth: A Season of Harvest, 121 Days of Devotions won a gold medal in the Illumination Christian Book Awards for exemplary Christian books, and received the Literary Classics Silver Seal for faith based works, and their Seal of Approval. His second book, The Gospel According to Jonah: A Call to Obedience, 121 Days of Devotions won a subsequent Silver medal in the Illumination Christian Book Awards.

The Case of the Pinched Stradivarius: The Adventures of Miles and Fargo: Turtle Detectives Cover Image
By Elaine Loeser, Greg Arvanitakis (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780997449365
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Ampersand, Inc. - April 6th, 2018


From their aquarium in the window of an apartment in a New York high rise, two bickering turtles manage to solve a very real crime without ever leaving their tank. They are pets, limited to swimming and fighting over the right to sit on the one rock in their tank. One day, while looking out the window, they see a crime committed: a little girl's violin is stolen by a bad man who grabs it and runs away. The turtles are the only witnesses, and because they are turtles, nobody can hear them call for help. This is the story of how they manage to solve the crime and bring the thief to justice, thus becoming: Miles and Fargo, turtle detectives.

Easter in Ramallah: A Story of Childhood Memories Cover Image
By Shaima' Farouki (Illustrator), Wafa Shami
ISBN: 9780960014705
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: R. R. Bowker - January 25th, 2019

A story about friendship and holiday traditions that have been shared among Palestinian Christian and Muslim families for centuries. A story that reflects the tradition of celebrating Easter holiday that was carried on for years and takes the reader to a fun festive place that is filled with a colorful atmosphere, drums playing, love and laughter from the eye of a child.

Potluck: Little Stories from a Big Table Cover Image
By Paula Thomas, Mikel Benton (Editor)
ISBN: 9780999473009
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Bay City Publishing LLC - October 31st, 2017

Ever done something so ridiculous you wish you had a hole to hide in?  Well – in Paula’s life, that’s called “Wednesday.”   Her hilarious and heart-warming stories offer a first- ever peak at the life of a kid in the 1950’s when her siblings became overnight Hollywood celebrities. And from Catalina Island, the author gives you a rare glimpse of a wild child’s life in a one-of-a-kind environment. Her antics with animals, from pythons, to puppies, to pigs, are punctuated with tender tales sure to put a tear in your eye and some warmth in your soul.

She Wanted It All: Gladys York Christensen Cover Image
ISBN: 9780945941170
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability

Published: Independently Published - January 2018

A biography on Gladys York Christensen written by Judith Luther Wilder. A small-town American girl becomes world traveler, somehow rescues her Danish German husband from Hitler’s jails, and paints murals that are still protected as historic treasures in Germany today . She Wanted it All chronicles a life story worth telling.

Love Letters to Trump Cover Image
ISBN: 9780692199206
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Bay Company Books, Inc. - November 6th, 2018

LOVE LETTERS TO trump I began photographing Resisters twenty months ago in hopes of recording the spirit, the intelligence and the sense of unity that was on display during these marches. However, as trump and the republicans turn the screws on our Republic, I wonder if I am documenting rousing demonstrations or the last mo-ments of our civil rights.

Do You See What I See? Discovering the Obvious Cover Image
ISBN: 9780998638607
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability

Published: U&MePublishing - June 12th, 2017

*2018 Grammy Nominee in the Spoken Word Category*

“There’s a lot of wisdom here in these little stories. I am a better man for having read this book.” ---Los Angeles Times

This book is about finding a better, more meaningful life. Robert Hanley has an insightful way of looking at the world - finding deeper meaning in everyday events that seem to float past the observations of most people. His unique perception has helped make his life better, bringing him greater understanding, joy, fulfillment, and peace. He reveals his common sense process through wise, humorous, and heartwarming real-life tales taken from his own personal experiences. They may well make you laugh, cry, think, and help you to see the common threads of what he calls "discovering the obvious." Whether filling up his car at a gas station or having his teeth cleaned at the dentist, auditioning for a film starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino or giving the eulogy at Dean Martin's memorial, the universal truths and values Robert uncovers in these anecdotes and stories relay the everyday applicability of a simple perspective that can provide enormous benefits to each of us in our respective journeys through life.

Wtf* Is Wrong with Our Health? *what the Food: A Rebel Physician's Manifesto for Reversing Disease and Increasing Smiles Cover Image
ISBN: 9781733547505
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Roberto Tostado - February 2019

This feisty, funny, and deeply caring book by a "rebel physician" proposes that we take a radically different look at our assumptions about nutrition and medicine. In 9 concise chapters exploring such topics as "Abnormal is the New Normal," "Why Jesus Had a Six-Pack," and "WGF: What is Good Food?" Roberto Tostado MD both entertains and challenges readers to take a look at their unhealthiest habits and take charge of their well-being for the sake of becoming "A New You, Strutting All Over Town."

Amelia Earhart Unrescued Cover Image
ISBN: 9780981896045
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Flat Hammock Press - July 12th, 2018

Amelia Earhart UNRESCUED is a novel about the last days of Amelia Earhart. Grounded in historical and archaeological evidence, UNRESCUED vividly and imaginatively reconstructs what may have happened to her and her navigator, Fred Noonan, after they mysteriously vanished over the Pacific in July, 1937.

Corky Hale Uncorked!: A Life of Music, Marriage, and Making a Difference Cover Image
ISBN: 9780578402741
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Corky Hale Publishing - October 29th, 2018

Corky Hale is a rare American treasure, someone whose activism came of age during the Civil Rights movement and whose entertainment career has continued to surge since Hollywood s Golden Age. -Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles Corky has long been one of the most underrated artists on the entire music scene. She is a treat not to be missed -Leonard Feather Corky is one of a kind. She s a character with a heart of gold. Smart, empathetic, generous and supportive of her friends beyond the call. -Sally Kellerman Talent, passion, commitment, joy; Corky combines them all like no one else. -Jason Alexander Corky is the embodiment of passion and dedication. She s always true to her values, and that takes courage. -Nancy Keenan, former-President NARAL-Pro Choice America Corky Hale plays so beautifully that her performances set the standard -Tony Bennett Corky Hale is one of the most uniquely energetic and extraordinary people I know. -Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi We wanted to open a clinic in Los Angeles in 1999-2000. I knew I could count on Corky and she came through instantly. She s one of a kind. -Gloria Feldt, past National President of Planned Parenthood ...she s been more fun than anyone I ve ever known. This long overdue book is wils, funny and outrageous just like Corky. -Dyan Cannon

Ancestors in the Attic: Major James Atwater Barrett: Chronicles of a Civil War Union Soldier Cover Image
ISBN: 9781544240961
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - March 18th, 2017

The Civil War is easily the darkest, most fascinating chapter of American history. Its horrors have reverberated for more than 150 years, and the events of the war continue to affect families today.

In Ancestors in the Attic, the descendants of Union soldier James Atwater Barrett share a breathtaking collection of letters, diary entries, photographs, and other historical documents that together tell a story of love and war.

A clerk in New York at the onset of the war, twenty-nine-year-old James Atwater Barrett felt duty bound to enlist in the Forty-Eighth New York Volunteer Infantry. What followed was four years of battles, sickness, and near-fatal wounds. Meanwhile, Barrett's fianc e, Jane Farmer, wrote with love and concern from his hometown of Concord, Massachusetts.

Consisting almost entirely of primary sources, Ancestors in the Attic provides a stunning look at a soldier's life during the Civil War. Barrett participated in many famous battles, including the Battle of Fort Wagner, and even watched famous nurse Clara Barton tend to the wounded. Anyone interested in the Civil War will relish in this detailed account of one man's survival through America's bloodiest conflict.

The Moon and Stars: A Tale of Dakota Rising Cover Image
ISBN: 9780692114223
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: No Doubt Imagination - May 2nd, 2018

Fifteen year old Dakota Dagger is on the fast track to self discovery. Living on the Greek island of Santorini soon becomes a vague memory when his parent's plane crashes, leaving Dak an orphan. That is until his maternal grandparents introduce him to his Sioux heritage. Financial hardships, falling in love for the first time and depression leads Dak to discover his inherited ability to capture photographic images through his unique perspective. The Moon and Stars--A Tale of Dak Rising entertains, teaches and reminds us that the rite of passage is always an adventure.

Crazy about Kurt Cover Image
ISBN: 9781729589472
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - December 2nd, 2018

Over one night in the dirtbag suburbs of 1994 Long Island, four friends struggle with sex, identity and the inevitability of adulthood, all against the backdrop of Kurt Cobain’s suicide. In the vein of American Graffiti, Crazy About Kurt is a meditation on a generation at a very specific time and place. But this isn’t just a story for those 90’s kids who grew up on Tori Amos, Jurassic Park and The X-Files – it’s a story for anyone who’s ever been a teenager.

Patriots: Book One of the 2nd Continental Light Cover Image
ISBN: 9781717873262
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability

Published: Independently Published - August 26th, 2018

Patriots is Benjamin Tallmadge's war story, told through his eyes. A determined officer who would not give up on the cause for American independence. A man besieged by betrayal and heart-breaking loss. A spymaster whose ingenuity for doing the impossible earned him Washington's trust. But this is not only Tallmadge's story to tell. His story is shared with his fellow brothers-in-arms, the 2nd Continental Light Dragoons. Conceived to be mounted infantry in lightning quick attacks, they embodied what it meant to be a dragoon in the American Revolution; fearlessly charging the enemy both mounted, dismounted, and even afloat. This is their story.

Sushi in Ramallah Cover Image
ISBN: 9781624291777
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability

Published: Opus Self Publishing - Politics and Prose - September 20th, 2018

Superbad meets the Oslo Accords in Sushi in Ramallah!

Adam Solomon is a law student who’s just embarked on a ten-day trip to Israel via The Sababa Project. But when Adam meets the peers who will accompany him, he soon realizes that ten days on a luxury bus is far worse than forty years in the desert. Adam finds himself disgusted by the hypocrisy of his busmates, whose newfangled faith in Judaism is repeatedly contradicted by their depraved behavior. Directing the program is Momo Kafritz, a middle-aged Israeli wrecking ball who imposes his will on the tour. Led by Momo, Adam and his busmates walk unwittingly into tourist traps, propagandist rallies, and four star hotels. Moreover, Solomon struggles to find what separates him from the Jewish-American royalty with which he shares the same rooms, drinks, and drugs.

Virgil The Hound Cover Image
ISBN: 9781719918367
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability

Published: Independently Published - September 12th, 2018

This is a story about a royally bred foxhound named Virgil, who does not want to hunt and kill foxes, or anything else for that matter. And it is how Virgil's point of view profoundly changed one of the hunter's point of view on hunting.

Butterfly Cover Image
ISBN: 9780692034699
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability

Published: Independently Published - June 5th, 2018

"The Butterfly is a beautiful sight in flight. The sunlight shines through its colorful wings. We say Mother Nature has created a beautiful creature...or did she?"

A group of scientists are experimenting with splicing different insects with silkworms in order to create a stronger silk, when  they accidentally create a species of mutant, flesh-eating butterflies that get released on the world. Now they must find a way to stop the killer butterflies before it is too late.

It's Never Too Late to Be Your Self: Follow Your Inner Compass and Take Back Your Life Cover Image
By Davina Kotulski, Shefali Tsabary (Foreword by), Michael Bernard Beckwith (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9780997837926
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Red Ink Press - October 11th, 2018

Do you feel like you aren't living the life you want to live? Are you letting fear stop you from following your heart? Do you find it hard to listen to your own voice because those of society, friends, and family blare in your head? Do you find yourself pleasing others at your own expense? If so, you're not alone Many people have these challenges. They want to live authentic lives but feel paralyzed by outside forces dictating their choices.

Good news Help is on the way. Dr. Davina Kotulski will show you how to take back your life from the paralysis of fear by following your inner compass. In It's Never Too Late to Be Your Self, you'll learn how to create a life that honors your authentic self-expression, which is the only path to EVER feeling fulfilled. You'll be guided step by step to:

  • Reconnect with your true essence and what really matters
  • Listen to your inner wisdom
  • Move forward in the face of fear and other obstacles
  • Commit to your dreams and take back your life

The Shadow of the Unscratchable: Harley Discovers Rome Cover Image
By Jerilyn McIntyre, Ken Shuey (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780989375382
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Bristlecone Peak Books - July 23rd, 2018

Harley and Angela are back! The charismatic cats introducedto middle grade readers inPaws in the Piazzaare on the road again, vacationing with their human families in Rome.  In the Eternal City, they discover and must end a centuries-old war between cats and dogs. Magical moments abound!

The Idiot and the Odyssey III: Twenty Years Walking the Mediterranean Cover Image
ISBN: 9781722683887
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - September 3rd, 2018

The final book in the trilogy about inquisitive American author Joel Stratte-McClure's twenty-year walk around the Mediterranean Sea explores the coast, countryside and regional cultures in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and Tunisia. Walking in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, the intrepid author makes his way around the sea while musing about life, literature, art, the environment, Greek gods and goddesses, history, alcoholism and, of course, the meditative act of walking. The travel narrative, which describes attempts to find the lost tomb of Alexander the Great, begins in New York before moving to northern Greece. After cheating death in Turkey, getting arrested in Lebanon and walking with an armed escort in Egypt, "The Idiot and the Odyssey III: Twenty Years Walking the Mediterranean" concludes in Tunisia, when the author is crowned The Idiot Emperor of Carthage, Lord of Many Domains.