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The Girl and Her Puffy Red Jacket By Michael Essa

The Girl With The Puffy Red Jacket cover
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We've all heard the story before: Boy meets girl, girl meets boy. Girl travels the world in her Puffy Red Jacket and boy writes a quirky children's about her, am I right? 
The Girl and her Puffy Red Jacket is a children's style book for both the young and young adult readers.

It's about a Chilean girl named Karla who was born to travel. Yet, no matter where she goes, whether its cold the cold mountains of the Rockys or the humid city of Bangkok, she wears her Puffy Red Jacket always. On one of her journeys, she was destined to meet a boy named Mike, who coincidentally wears a Puffy Green Jacket when he travels. Funny how the world can bring to wandering-wanderlusts together.

Whether you're feeling down and need a little life boost to show that love prevails no matter the distance or just a nudge to help you embark on a journey outside your domicile, just remember to always bring your puffy jacket.

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