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Sonoma Valley Authors Festival 2020

Welcome to the third annual Sonoma Valley Authors Festival - Stimulating the minds and nurturing the souls of readers. We're proud to be part of the 202 Sonoma Valley Authors Festival! Visit here to register one for every upcoming session - all free for our friends and customers.

Ten Days of Inspiring Conversation

Enjoy live sessions with acclaimed authors including:

Isabel Allende, Jordan Blashek, Billy Collins, Wade Davis, Alex Flippenko, Robert Michael Franklin Jr, Christopher Haugh, Anothony Ray Hinton, Adam Hochschild, Douglas Holladay, Hawk Koch, Min Jin Lee, H.R. McMaster, Mac McQuown, Colin O' Brady, Dr Ramon Resa, Jeffrey Rosen, Daniel Russell, Michael Sellenberger, Julia Flyn Siler, Bob Theleen, Andy Weinberger and Damon West.

Visit here to register - all free for our friends and customers.