Spencer Quinn discusses and signs A Fistful of Collars: A Chet & Bernie Mystery

In this fifth Chet (the Dog) and Bernie mystery, the pair is offered an unusual case: babysitting movie star Thad Perry, Hollywood's hottest action hero and notorious bad boy.  The mayor assigns them to keep Thad out of trouble during the shoot to insure that Hollywood comes calling again.  But just a few days into the job, they suspect something's fishy.   When Bernie's digging uncovers links to a cold case, he believes it's all traceable to a devastating event that has haunted Thad for years. But can he and Chet root out the truth before Thad cracks under the strain? With Bernie up against some nasty criminals and Chet sniffing out the bad guys while trying to negotiate an uneasy truce with Thad's cat, Brando, this pair has their hands—and paws—full.


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This discussion is free and open to the public.
Those wishing to get books signed will be asked to purchase at least one copy of A Fistful of Collars from Vroman's, and one additional copy for every 3 books they bring from home. Save your Vroman's receipt; it will be checked when you enter the signing line.

Event date: 
Sunday, September 16, 2012 - 4:00pm
Event address: 
695 E. Colorado Blvd
91101 Pasadena