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Starting Your Own Book Club

Interested in starting your own book club? Here are some things to consider:

Have a clear idea of what you want your book club to be before getting started. Some people want very serious conversation with lots of literary analysis; others want an excuse to get together with friends and talk about books. When everyone in the book club shares a similar goal, it guarantees a good time and great discussion.

Who do you want to join your book club? Start with people you know who you think might be interested, and approach them on an individual level. They might have friends they think would also want to join the conversation.

How many members do you want in the club? Smaller clubs have an intimate and familiar feel, but it might be more difficult to coordinate meeting times. Larger clubs have the benefit of lots of voices and opinions contributing to the conversation, with extra flexibility in terms of meeting attendance. Keep in mind that having more people involved may require additional guidelines to keep the discussion structured and moving along.

When and where will you meet? Most groups meet on a monthly basis. Will you meet at home or elsewhere? Vroman’s provides the option of renting our meeting room for a nominal fee.

Who is responsible for selecting books? Is one person in charge? Do you take turns making selections? Can members suggest books and then everyone votes? Are choices to be made monthly, or will you create a list of books ahead of time?

When starting the conversation, pose a question or allow each member to share their personal observations. If you’re stumped on how to keep the conversation going, have a list of questions prepared ahead of time. Sometimes an author will offer reading group guides on their websites. Vroman’s also provides reading group guides on selected titles.

Tips courtesy of Random House Publishers