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Send a letter to your Member of Congress - Take Action Against the Racial Profiling of Asian Americans and Asian Immigrants and Call for an End to the Justice Department’s “China Initiative”

Stop the Racial Profiling of Asian Americans and Asian Immigrants and End the Justice Department’s “China Initiative”

Voting is the first step in enacting change!
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Find Out Who Your Reps Are
If you don't know who your local and statewide officials are, that's okay. No time like the present to learn. Check out the directories below to find out.
United States Senate
United States House of Representatives
State and Local Officials
My Reps
League of Women Voters

Reach Out
Once you know who your representatives are (or maybe you already did), check out the links below to find contact information on how to reach them. When calling your representatives, you'll most likely need to give your name and zip code or address to confirm you are from their district so be prepared.
Directory of Senators
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Local Governments

If you are shy or suffer from anixety, it's okay! Here are a few services that provide you with scripts, or send messgaes on your behalf.
Resist Bot
5 Calls

Keep Track Of Pending Legislation
National Conference of State Legislature

Follow local officials on social media and visit their websites to hear about important policy decisions and town hall discussions.

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More Stop AAPI Hate resources here.