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Summer Reading at Vroman's!

Welcome to Travel with Vroman’s, a summer reading program hosted by Vroman’s Bookstore for Kindergarten through 12th Grade!

Rules of the Road for every Traveler of “Travel with Vroman’s” This Summer (June 4th – August 31st)

  • Sign up at Vroman’s or Vroman’s Hastings Ranch anytime after June 4th and claim your prizes as early as August 1st.
  • List TEN books you read this summer on an official Travel with Vroman’s Boarding Pass Bookmark. (See “What Books Can I Read” below) 
  • Write at least THREE “Journal Entries” (summaries) and turn them into the Children’s Department. 
  • Attend at least ONE event this summer and check in with a Travel Agent (bookseller) to mark your attendance. 


What books can I read?

Over the summer you’ll have to read and record 10 books! 5 can be any of your choosing and the other 5 have to be: 1 Biography, 1 Graphic Novel, 1 Historical Fiction, 1 Mystery, and 1 book that takes you to a country other than the U.S. 

Be able to tell your Travel Agent (bookseller) which are which! 

What do I write for my summary?

Think of it as a short book review (maybe one paragraph) about what you thought of the book. For ideas of what to write, think about words (such as fast-paced, funny, scary, heart-breaking) that describe what the book was like or how you felt about it. Drop these off anytime over the summer, and we’ll add your notes to our Traveler Wall of Fame. 

Can I participate at Vroman’s Hastings Ranch location?

Absolutely! We’ve got great Travel Agents (booksellers) at Hastings Ranch, and they will also be recommending books and tracking your progress all summer long! In addition to any special events they may have this summer, they host a story time every Tuesday at 10am.

What events do you have?

Vroman’s regularly offers author events for children’s & YA titles. Check our website (vromansbookstore.com) or monthly newsletter for upcoming author readings and signings. For little ones, we offer Storytime with Mr. Steve every Wednesday and Saturday at 10am. For teens, we have a monthly YA book club called Mischief Managers, which meets at 4pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month. We also have a Middle Grade book club, Tribe of Endless Reading, which meets at 4pm on the 3rd Sunday of each month.  Lastly, this summer, we’re doing these special Travel with Vroman’s Events:

Travel Journal Activity  – Saturday  June 23, 2018 at 1pm

Create/Decorate your own Travel Journal or Diary! 

Evening Storytime – Sunday July 15, 2018at 4pm

Join us for a special Travel the World Storytime. (K-3rd grade)

Until Our Next Adventure – Sunday August 19, 2018 at 1pm

The end of Summer is near. Join us for a party where we’ll learn to make paper airplanes, have a set up for photos, snacks, and a raffle!

What are the prizes?

Once you’ve completed all of your Travel with Vroman’s activities, bring in your Vroman’s Boarding Pass bookmark (with all of your summer reads listed) to the Vroman’s Children’s Department. We’ll check to make sure you’ve got everything, including attending an event and turning in three “Journal Entries” (summaries), and then you’ll receive your prize pack:

  • A $5 gift card to Vroman’s
  • A gift certificate or special item at another local establishment
  • Advance reading copies of books
  • And you get your bookmark back!

We’ll be handing out prizes starting August 1 (through August 31st), so take your time and enjoy your picks all summer long! 

How do I find out what other people are reading?

Stop by the bookstore, where we’ll be posting Readers’ summaries of great books all summer long. Also, you can share your picks via social media using the hashtag  #TravelWithVromans. We’ll be posting our favorite reads on Twitter under our usernames @vromansupstairs and @vromans