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Online Author Visit

Bring some inspiration to your classrooms with a virtual author visit! We help connect authors to schools, and in exchange for soliciting book sales, the visit will be no cost to you. Vroman’s will order the books and we’ll provide a link to a special webpage where teachers and families can pre-order their own signed copies. If your school sells a minimum of 25 copies of the author’s book, we’ll donate 20% of the total proceeds back to the school!  Not only is this a great way to encourage students to read, write, and check-in online, but will help raise funds for the school!

How to Prepare for a Successful Virtual Author Visit

  1. Schedule an author visit in advance!  The schedules will fill up fast, so schedule for the fall/winter today. The sooner you schedule your visit the more time you can promote the book and encourage pre-orders. This will also be a great way to promote the school fundraising aspect of the visit and how participating in this event will benefit the school.

  2. Share the event with students during class and email parents. Vroman’s will provide fliers for schools to e-mail with links to the pre-order website.  Pre-orders will help students get excited about the event. They’ll know their signed copy of the book will be coming to them soon!  

  3. Plan a fun lesson around themes of the book, share some of the author’s previous works, or talk about the writing process.  Author visits are a great way to encourage reading, inspire writing, and open up a world of opportunities for students. Don’t miss out on a teachable moment!

  4. Have students submit questions to you before the event. Go through and select the best or most common questions for the author to answer during their virtual visit.

  5. Secure and test the digital platform you will be hosting with. Know who will be initiating the video call and that students and families also know how to access the event once the day comes.  Be sure to know how many students will be accessing the virtual visit, and if we need to schedule multiple viewing sessions.

Authors Currently Available   School Visit Agreement

 Online Fundraising Weeks / Book Fairs

We are now scheduling online fundraisers that earn your school 20% of every dollar spent on EVERYTHING (books, gifts, everything in stock!) purchased by your parents, students, and teachers. Fundraisers take place at Vroman’s on a day or week of your choosing. Similarly, we offer in-store fundraisers that also earn your school 20% of every dollar spent. We’ll happily curate a list and make recommendations, or we can order books based on your own lists: teacher wish lists required reading lists, and /or librarian-recommended titles. For online orders, we offer curbside pick up and shipping options. If you are looking for us to provide a selection of books, please include a reading list a month in advance. Books must still be in print for us to display them.

To schedule please Email Our School Coordinator. Include your school’s name, requested start date, and contact information.  I’ll be in contact with you soon!

Current Fundraisers/Book Fairs