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Voter Resources

In California the deadline to register to vote is Oct. 19 in order to vote in the upcoming Presidential election. 

Voting Status
If you have not yet, please register to vote. You can register to vote online here

Not sure if you're already registered? Want to confirm or check your status? You can do that here.

Early Voting
Early voting generally available Oct. 5-Nov. 2. Check with local election officials for locations and the exact schedule in your area.  

Requesting an Absentee/Mail In Ballot
Because of the pandemic, California is automatically mailing ballots to all active voters. You can still vote at a polling place if you prefer, just bring your blank absentee ballot with you and turn it in to your polling place.

Submitting an Absentee/Mail In Ballot
Ballots must be postmarked (or dropped off in person) by Nov. 3 and received by Nov. 20. Because of the current post office delays (due to defunding and removal of sorting machines and mail boxes by Postmaster General Lous DeJoy and President Trump), the US Postal Service is telling Americans to allow ballots 14 days round trip (If in the mail by 10/20, your ballot should get there by 11/3!). So if voting by mail, do it as soon as possible to guarantee it arrives on time. 

You can also return your filled out ballot to your polling place. 

Check the status of your ballot here.


Here's a super informative podcast with more info.