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Vroman's Art on the Stairwell

N O W   O N   E X H I B I T

    Patrick Haemmerlein artworkPatrick Haemmerlein artworkPatrick Haemmerlein artwork


A B O U T   T H E   A R T I S T

Immersed in a layered urban paradigm of reality versus fantasy, Patrick Haemmerlein creates a visual soundtrack as a backdrop to his stark silhouettes, choreographing torn pages of poetry and bars of music from the 1800's and early 1900's. Splashes of color punctuate the delicate balance between urban sprawl and rural wildlife in Los Angeles. He explores their coexistence through the beauty of contradiction, for example the Urban Coyote. Photographed in East Hollywood, Patrick is now placing him around the city to punctuate their urban existence.

As if the metropolis itself is submerged in introspect, Haemmerlein breathes life into these unique time capsules with branches and birds that mimic arteries and measured rhythm; intwining past, present, and future and delivering it to the viewer in a narrative of perpetual ebb and flow.

With each piece, Haemmerlein begins his journey by taking countless images of his environment exploring both urban and rural perspectives. He then manipulates the photographs, and prints the images on a large 'blue print' printer, layering the images on wood until he is able to recreate the feeling of that moment and place while adding his found artifacts. Using Los Angeles as his creative playground, his recycled articles often include sheet music, books he has found and paint. The result is a timeless tangible sonnet to the city he loves, and his thirst to rediscover it endlessly.



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